Scouter Spotlight: Meet Sherri Moravec

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Recognizing fine Scouters is a favorite pastime here at
Cracker Barrel. In fact, we just can’t get enough of it. So this week we’ll
share another Scouting volunteer with you.

Meet Sherri Moravec,
a Venturing crew advisor, assistant Scoutmaster, and district vice chairman
from Houston, Tex. She’s been involved with Scouting for 17 years, ever since
her oldest son was a Cub Scout. Her two sons, 18 and 23, are both Eagle Scouts,
and her husband is an assistant Scoutmaster and associate Venturing crew

Now let’s hear some meaningful insight from Sherri.

What is your favorite
Scouting memory?

I have so many good memories that it’s hard to choose, but I
would say that on the top of the list would be my time spent with youth at NYLT
and NAYLE. It’s such a rewarding experience to watch the experienced boys leading
and guiding other youth into becoming better leaders.

What does Scouting
mean to you?

Scouting teaches such good core values and beliefs with a
strong emphasis on the outdoors. I was brought up to believe that learning to
live with and care for our world would build strong character and values.

What would you say to
a boy who is thinking of joining Scouting?

Any boy will learn skills and make many friends that could
last a lifetime. What youth gain today from the scouting program far outweighs
anything else. 

How will you
celebrate the BSA’s 100th Anniversary?

I plan on being at the national jamboree! I have never been
to a national jamboree, so going to the celebration for the 100th anniversary
will be a highlight and another fantastic memory.

How do you make the
program relevant to your boys when there are so many other draws on their

We try to remain flexible and help them plan activities they want to participate in.

What advice do you
have for a new leader?

Always go to training. But most importantly never forget why
we are Scout leaders—for the boys.

Thanks, Sherri, for your contributions to Scouting and to
our Scouter Spotlight. Do you know a Scouting volunteer who deserves special
recognition? Then what are you waiting for? E-mail us the person’s
name and contact info and you might see him or her in a future edition of
Scouter Spotlight.

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