Knot of the Week: Order of the Arrow Distinguished Service Award


When the number of recipients of a particular square knot is
so small that the BSA can publish the list in its entirety, you know you’re
dealing with a prestigious award.

Such is the case with the Order of the Arrow Distinguished Service Award, a knot given to men
and women who serve the OA beyond the lodge level—on a sectional, regional, or
national basis. The award is given every two or three years at the National
Order of the Arrow Conference. The 2009 event is taking place this week in
Bloomington, Ind. (Check back tomorrow for more details about NOAC.)

The honor roll includes less than 850 people—that’s pretty
selective for an award that’s been around since 1940—and you may even recognize
some of the names. Two at the top of the chronological list are 1940 honorees
E. Urner Goodman and Carroll A. Edson, founders of the Order of the Arrow. And
one of 2009’s recipients is Chief Scout Executive Robert J. Mazzuca.

In between the OA’s founders and Mazzuca you’ll also find
hundreds of dedicated Scouters who can wear the white and red arrowhead medal
and the accompanying white and red square knot with pride.

Usually, we’d give you a link here to the application for the
week’s square knot, but there’s no application for this honor. Instead,
recipients are nominated after a significant period of service.

Want to browse the list of honorees yourself? Do it here. In the meantime, continue serving the OA and you might one day
see your own name on the short list.

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