Scouting in the News: July 30, 2009


Dedicated Scouting volunteers, such as yourself, get their
BSA news and information from Scouting
magazine and, we hope, right here at the Cracker Barrel blog.

But for the uninitiated, the mainstream media often are the
only sources of the Scouting story. Luckily for we who support Scouting, most
of what they’re reading and hearing is overwhelmingly positive and in line with
the BSA’s core values.

So let’s take a peek at how the “other side” hears about the
program we love. Here are three recent stories from major newspapers:

  • First, from Atlanta, a dramatic river rescue features
    a heroic boy who says he “would’ve been clueless if it weren’t for the Boy

  • Then find out why the license plates on Scouting mom and
    Miami resident Ana Vega’s Toyota Corolla now read “TWO EGL.”

  • Finally, a Kentucky boy’s struggle to overcome a congenital
    heart defect was aided by the one constant in his tumultuous life:

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