Open the new-Scout floodgates


When the boys in
your troop start spreading the word about how much fun they’re having, the influx
of new members can be exciting—and overwhelming.

Though a nice
problem to have, rapid growth still requires some smart solutions to ensure
that every boy has a great Scouting experience.

That’s where you
come in.

In Scouting magazine’s September-October
issue, we’ll ask readers for their advice on solving this predicament. But you loyal
Cracker Barrel readers get a head start with a sneak peek at the question:

Over the past few years our troop has
doubled in size because of good programming and good promotion by our committee
chair. Although this is a great problem to have, it’s hard to keep youth and
adult leaders in step with changes required by the larger numbers. What should
we do to manage our rapid growth?

Scoutmaster G.P. from Merrill, Wis.

Can you help
G.P.? If so,
click here to submit your answer electronically. Or
you can mail it to
What Would You Do?, Scouting magazine, 1325 W. Walnut
Hill Ln., P.O. Box 152079, Irving, TX 75015-2079.

can give some needed advice to stumped Scouters nationwide. And your answer
might appear in the November-December issue of the magazine.

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