Make Philmont a family adventure


In the past weeks, we’ve introduced you to the high-level
leadership training offered at Philmont Scout Ranch. You learned about NAYLE
for Scouts
 and the Philmont Leadership Challenge for
Wood Badge-trained adults.

Now, you’re ready to hit the road for Cimarron, N.M. Right?
But wait! Aren’t you forgetting something? We’re talking about your family.
Experiencing the beauty of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains while your family is
stuck at the municipal pool this summer is hardly fair. 

While your boy is at NAYLE or you’re at PLC, your family can
enjoy quality Philmont programs, too. There are plenty of exciting and
enriching programs designed specifically for spouses and kids who aren’t in
Scouts or aren’t old enough for NAYLE.

Here’s a look at what your family can expect:

Nursery (boys and
girls, infant to 2 years old)
: During program times, parents may leave
their young children with the trained staff at the Philmont nursery. Care is
provided according to a parent’s instructions.

Small Fry (boys and
girls, 3 to 5 years old)
: These tykes will enjoy activities, games, pony rides, and supervised play.

Cowgirls and Cowpokes
(boys and girls, 6 to 7)
: They’ll participate in nature hikes, picnics, pony rides, lawn games, songs and skits, day
hikes, sports, museum tours, and handicrafts.

Ropers (girls, 8 to
: Similar to the activities for Cowgirls. During weeks of low
attendance, this group merges with the Cowgirls and Cowpokes.

Deputies (boys, 8 to
: These guys will enjoy hikes, visits
to the Villa Philmonte and museums, archery, pony rides, air rifle target
practice, sports, nature hikes, games, and crafts.

Sidewinders (boys,
: This group does everything the Deputies do, but it adds a parent-child
overnight camping trip on Philmont property.

Mustangs (girls, 11
to 13) and Trailblazers (boys, 11 to 13)
: These groups participate in Villa Philmonte and museum tours, hikes,
field sports, handicraft projects, nature activities, a horseback ride, outdoor
cooking, games, and an overnighter.

Mountain Trek (boys
and girls, 14 to 20)
: They take a 20- to 30-mile backpacking trip into
Philmont’s famous backcountry, including stops at several camps along the way.
Before they hit the trail, Philmont Rangers divide participants into smaller
crews based on age, ability, and gender.

Broncos (boys and
girls, 14 to 20)
: If your teen doesn’t choose to go on the Mountain Trek,
sign ’em up for this. They’ll have a blast during a week that includes Philmont's COPE course (a team-building ropes
course), day hikes, a horseback ride, and an overnighter.

Silverados (men and
women, 21 and up)
: Husbands, wives, and other family members who aren’t in
a Philmont training program will take part in museum visits, local-history lessons, Indian arts programs, pottery-making
demonstrations, guided nature walks and programs, Villa Philmonte tours, trips
to nearby towns, COPE course participation, and fishing.

So bring your family to Philmont and eliminate the guilt
you’d feel as you breathe in the mountain air while your spouse and kids are
stuck at sea level. 

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