Age guidelines for Scouting activities

What’s the best way to determine if a video game is right

for your 15-year-old son? Flip over the case and check out the rating.

If only the rest of life were that easy. Like how do you
decide if an activity is appropriate for your Cub Scout, Boy Scout, or
Venturer? We’re here to help.

The BSA always takes into account the “mental, physical,
emotional, and social maturity” of its members. We’ll guide you in determining
which activities are best suited for boys—and girls, too—of a particular
Scouting age.

Keep this reference sheet (PDF) handy, and you’re
set. If you want more info, read on.

Find nine categories of Scouting activities there:

  • Outdoor skills
  • Sports
  • Tools
  • Trekking
  • Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Shooting
  • Aquatics
  • Climbing

Whether you’re looking for specific activities such as
pioneering or ice hockey or specific tools like axes or pocketknives, the
easy-to-read chart tells you at which age a Scout can begin participating or
using the tool.

Want a sample of what we’re talking about? Here you go!

Day hikes are fine for any boy, but multiple-day hikes are
just for Boy Scouts or Venturers. Webelos Scouts can start using bow saws, but
restrict the use of power tools to older boys (with proper adult supervision,
of course). And Tiger Cubs can fish or play soccer, but don’t let them build

And just because they’re old enough for the activity or
tool, don’t forget that you still have to make sure they understand and follow
proper safety precautions.

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