This is Scouting


One of the coolest parts of
Scouting is that every volunteer across the country shares similar values and
experiences. It doesn’t matter if you talk to a Scouter from Montana or
Maine—the way volunteers talk and think about the BSA varies only slightly.

Much of that consistency is
the result of a carefully planned training program that the BSA has created for
you, the adult volunteer. And with the release of an updated, online-based
learning experience, it’s even easier to understand what Scouting’s all about.

The Volunteer Development
team created “This Is Scouting,” a new required course for all adult
volunteers. The hourlong program—available in the BSA’s Online Learning Center—introduces participants to the following six areas of the
Scouting program:

  • Mission, vision and values
  • Programs for all ages and abilities
  • Scouting is fun
  • Scouting in the community
  • Protecting our youth
  • Scouting’s legacy

“This Is Scouting” replaces “New Leader
Essentials,” and volunteers must take the course to be fully trained. Once you
log in to MyScouting, click the E-Learning link and select the course that can
be found under Basic Training.

You can expect to see a
short, action-packed, and informative video for each of the six modules listed
above. At the end of each video, you’ll be asked to answer a few basic
questions to test your comprehension. Once you’re done, you’ll get a
certificate of completion and be on your way to enjoying the Scouting program
to its fullest.

For those of you without
Internet access—probably isn’t very many of you, since you’re reading this
blog, after all—the course is also available on DVD (BSA Supply No. 36118).
 To order, call the Supply Group at 800-323-0736.

No matter how you take the
course, whether on your computer or with a group using the DVD, just take it.
Once you do, as the course’s narrator says, you’ll be one step closer to having
“one of the most engaging and rewarding experiences of your life.”

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