What a Weekend: Call for entries


The weekend’s almost here. That means that you can start
daydreaming about another great trip with your Scouting unit. If you close your
eyes, your office transforms…

That’s not microwave popcorn you hear down the hall—that’s a
crackling campfire. The icy draft you feel isn’t the always-too-cold air
conditioner—it’s a crisp mountain breeze. And the fast-approaching deadline to
finish that project? Well, you’ll just deal with that when you get back.

From all of us at Cracker Barrel, have a great weekend. We
know that Scouting weekends create memories that last a lifetime, so when you
return from one with an exhausted grin, keep us in mind. We want to hear all
about it.

Any recent trip—whether it was last weekend or last May—is a
story begging to be told on What a Weekend, a weekly feature on Cracker Barrel.

Send us an e-mail when you return so you can
tell others how much fun your troop, pack, crew, or ship had on a recent
outing. Sure, they might be jealous, but they’ll also get some great
inspiration for their own Scouting adventure.

So when Sunday rolls around, leave that pile of dirty hiking
socks for another day. Head straight for the computer, and send us an e-mail
with details about your trip and three or four of your best photos. We can’t
wait to hear from you!

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