Knot of the Week: NESA Life Membership Award


When we published a story about square knots called “Know
Your Knots”
in our January-February 2009 issue, we received a barrage
of questions from readers about how to earn specific knots. We at Scouting magazine appreciate your enthusiasm, and we know how important these knots are for volunteers. Besides, with 41 different knots out there, we know it’s tough to understand them all.

For that reason, we’re bringing you a feature called “Knot
of the Week.” Each week in Cracker Barrel, we’ll give you an in-depth look at
one square knot.

Read on for a look at one of the newest knots: the NESA Life
Membership Award. 

If this knot looks familiar, it should. It’s the same knot you’ll find on the Eagle Scout Award, but a metallic silver border replaces the
tan one.

Compared to other knots, the requirement list for this award
is pretty short. You must:

  • Earn
    the Eagle Scout Award as a youth.
  • Become
    a lifetime member of the National Eagle Scout Association.

While earning the Eagle Scout Award is not easy, joining
NESA is.

Lifetime memberships are available here for $180. As a life member, you’ll receive certificates and a gold NESA pin, in
addition to the satisfaction of knowing that you will be associated forever with this impressive group of men.

Once you have your certificate, you can get the knot at your
local Scout Shop. Replace your old Eagle Scout knot with this one—sorry, you
can’t wear them both.

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