January-February 2014 ‘Where Am I?’ winner, location revealed

You don’t have to be an astronaut to recognize the terrain in our January-February “Where Am I? – Rise From the Ashes” contest.

284 readers submitted their guess of the mystery location, and we randomly selected lucky number 232 as our winner. Scouter Tina Klein from Kimberling City, Mo., guessed correct: Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve in Idaho.

Klein has won a $100 Supply Group gift card to use at her local Scout Shop or at ScoutStuff.org. Congrats!

Don’t miss the latest March-April “Where Am I? – Path Less Traveled” contest. Examine a photo and description of this mystery spot, and submit your guess for a chance to win. Contest ends Friday, April 25.

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Photograph by Daniela A. Nievergelt


May-June 2013 ‘Where Am I?’ winner and location revealed

Nothing beats a day on the water — in my opinion, at least. Especially when you’re aboard a sailboat exploring new-to-you waters.

The secret location in the May-June 2013 “Where Am I?” contest is a popular boating destination that I’m itching to visit.

We received 257 guesses and randomly selected number 112 as our winner with the correct guess: Continue reading


January-February ‘Where Am I?’ contest location, winner revealed

You might need to put on a jacket if you spend too much time studying the mystery photo from the January-February “Where Am I? — Freeze Frame” contest. The frosty scene appears to have stumped many of readers last month.

Out of 208 guesses, lucky reader Ben Lake of Georgetown, Texas, (number 92) takes home the $100 Supply Group gift card with the correct guess: Gulf Hagas, described as the “Grand Canyon of Maine.”

Gulf Hagas is a popular summer hike, but it also offers plenty to winter adventure-seekers.

We continue our geography trivia in the next “Where Am I? — Mountain Mirage” contest, featuring a view of mysterious sand dunes. Can you guess the location? Examine the clues and photo, and submit your guess for a chance to win. Contest ends April 19.

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Photo by Hilary Coolidge.


November-December ‘Where Am I?’ contest winner, location revealed


We received a tremendous response to the November-December “Where Am I?” contest, which racked up 466 entries — 395 of those were correct guesses!

The answer to the riddle? Pu’u Loa Petroglyphs, located in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

Using a random number generator, lucky digit 21 is our winner. That’s you, Steve Cline of the San Diego Imperial Council.

Congrats, Steve! You’ve won a $100 Supply Group gift certificate to use at ScoutStuff.org or at your local Scout Shop.

Starting today, we continue our geography trivia in our next “Where Am I?” contest, featuring a snowy locale. Can you guess the location? Examine the clues and the photo at this link, and submit your guess for a chance to win.

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Photo by Sami Sarkis/Getty Images

Where Am I? July-August 2012

July-August ‘Where Am I?’ location—and winner!—revealed

Researching far-off destinations for the “Where Am I?” contests is one of my favorite things to do while on the job. Why? Because I always find myself in awe of how many cool places exist in our great nation.

Take, for instance, the secret location of the July-August challenge: Effigy Mounds National Monument in Iowa. As a midwesterner, I was surprised that I’d never heard of it before! And it appears that I wasn’t the only one: this contest had far fewer entries than normal, only 152 guesses.

New Jersey Scouter Jo Ann Marucci was randomly selected as the winning entry with the correct answer. Congrats, Jo Ann!

Can you guess where I ended up in the September-October “Where Am I?” challenge. Take your best shot.

As always, the same rules apply: Read the clues, examine the photo, and submit your guess. On Oct. 22, we’ll randomly select a correct guess to award one winner a $100 Supply Group gift card.

Good luck!