Redesigned and refocused: The new Bryan on Scouting blog

After 22 months, and nearly 400,000 page views, Cracker Barrel is no more.

Scouting magazine’s official blog is now Bryan on Scouting, written by me, Bryan Wendell, an Eagle Scout and the associate editor of Scouting magazine.

Like you, I’m passionate about the Scouting program and am always looking for compelling stories, fascinating people, and innovative ways to improve the BSA.

Like you, I want to know about important BSA news as soon as possible, and I want the information to be clear and accurate.

Like you, I know the program is all about our young people but can’t exist without trained and motivated adult leaders.

So I’m bringing you a revamped blog that will have more of what you want presented in a clean, fresh format.

But before we look at where we’re going with Bryan on Scouting, let’s look at where we’ve been.

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