A team-by-team guide to the BSA’s new Major League Soccer alliance

The Major League Soccer season starts March 10, and with it comes an exciting opportunity for Scouts and Scouters nationwide.

As I told you in January, MLS and the Boy Scouts of America joined forces this year.

But what does that mean for your pack, troop, team, or crew?

To help you learn more about this alliance and understand how to connect with the MLS team near you, I’ve compiled a team-by-team guide.

You’ll find:

  • Dates for Scout Nights
  • Links to the team’s season schedule
  • Contact numbers and e-mail addresses for buying group tickets for your unit
  • A list of the players on the team who were Scouts or are Eagle Scouts

Let’s kick things off, shall we?

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Major League Soccer and the BSA: A perfect one-two

Teamwork. As important in Scouting as it is in Major League Soccer. And both organizations strive to Be Prepared for the future.

Not a stretch, then, to understand why Scouting and the nation’s top professional soccer league announced today they’re on the same team. By forging a special collaboration with the nation’s top youth organization, MLS will use its network to support the BSA’s “youth-focused program of athleticism, character, and leadership.”

Beginning at the start of the soccer season in March, Scouts will receive special access to MLS games, players, coaches, and executives through unique on- and off-field programming designed specifically for Scout packs, troops, teams, and crews. Continue reading