Learn how to work with Scouts from different economic backgrounds

Scouting isn’t free. Yes, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to be a Scout than to participate on a club soccer or lacrosse team. But there’s still a cost in Scouting — dues, uniforms, gear, activity fees, travel expenses, printed materials, and more. Within one pack, troop, team, or crew you likely have parents who […]


Learn to handle troop discipline on this episode of ScoutCast

How so you handle discipline issues in your troop without spoiling the fun or spending all your time going over rules and regulations? Well, you start by listening to this month’s ScoutCast, a monthly podcast for Boy Scout leaders that debuted last month. In this episode, organization psychologist Betsy Eubanks, also a Venturing crew Advisor […]


What can this Boy Scout marketing prodigy teach you about popcorn sales?

Donovan Fisher isn’t your typical door-to-door salesman. “The Popcorn Scout,” as he’s now known, is a 12-year-old marketing prodigy who in 2011 sold $9,208 in Trail’s End popcorn and chocolate pretzels, ranking 14th among all Boy Scouts in the U.S. I first read about Donovan last year on the marketing Web site “Web.Search.Social.” Here’s what marketing […]

Scouting news for your eyes, ears

What’s the best way to keep up with Scouting news, information, and tips on the go? That’s easy. Load the BSA’s official podcasts, audio or video files that you can download to listen to or watch, into your MP3 player. The term is derived from the words “iPod” and “broadcast,” but you don’t need an […]