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    Stuart Brandt

    Can youth wear knots on their Sea Scout uniform? (Religous award, Eagle, Arrow of Light, Heroism, etc.)

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    I think on the traditional uniform the answer was “no.” But that may not be the case for your ship and the uniform it chooses to use, nor does it seem to be the case for the New Century Uniform: http://www.seascout.org/support/policies-a-guidelines/74-new-century-uniform

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    I used to be a lot stricter. My kids both get A’s and B’s with out me pinuhsg them. We work together on home work and most things come pretty easy to them. I used to be pretty hard on my son when he would come home with a B or even a C on a paper when it was something I knew he could do better at and he just didn’t follow directions or finish the assignment. Then last March he was diagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers. So although he was capable of the work he couldn’t focus to the extent he needed to to get the higher grades. So I am more understanding now but I still encourage him and I do believe he is doing his best.

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