Photo finishes: Before-and-after shots of 25 Eagle Scout projects

With apologies to the ubiquitous convenience store chain, more Eagle Scout projects went up last year alone than the total number of 7-Elevens currently open worldwide.

Yes, the number of 2012 Eagle Scout projects bested the number of worldwide 7-Elevens by a score of 57,976 to 50,250.

I bring up this incongruous comparison to remind you that there’s an Eagle Scout project on every corner. There’s probably one within walking distance from you right now. Think about the scale of this for a second: Some 50,000 new Eagle Scout projects are completed each year. That’s roughly 137 significant improvements to the community every day, improvements created by the best, brightest, and most-prepared leaders around.

The Eagle Scout Service Project is a remarkably powerful force that’s transforming our country for the better each time a city park, church, or school gets repaired and beautified.

Let’s celebrate this transformation by looking at 25 great Eagle Scout projects. And like any good makeover, the best way to appreciate the change is through before-and-after photos. Enjoy, and congrats to these young men.  Continue reading


Photo Fridays: Scouting for Food (23 photos)

The trees have shed their leaves in many parts of the country, and that can only mean one thing: It’s Scouting for Food time.

The annual collection of canned goods and other donated food items strengthens the vital link between Scouting units and their surrounding community.

For this Photo Friday, check out 23 photos of Scout troops giving back: Continue reading


Photo Fridays: Scouts Doing Service Projects (46 photos)

Saying that Scouts serve their community is a bit like saying fish swim or dogs bark.

Service is in Scouting’s DNA.

So it’s no surprise that when I asked for photos of Scouts doing service projects last month, the response was huge. Check out the proof below, in the form of 46 photos sent in by real Scouters like you.

Scouts Doing Service Projects” is the latest in my Photo Fridays series, a feature that highlights real photos from real Scouters like you. We’ve already seen Cub Scout FunHigh AdventureFunny Moments, Great Moments at Summer Camp, and learned that Scouters Can Have Fun, Too.

The next Photo Friday topic: JamboreesE-mail your best shots to me, and include your name and home council.

Enjoy these 46 photos, and my thanks to the Scouters and Scouts who took time to give back to their community:  Continue reading


Photo Fridays: Scouters Can Have Fun, Too! (37 photos)

Don’t tell your non-Scouting friends, but Scouts aren’t the only ones who have fun at pack, troop, team, or crew events.

Yes, the program is for Scouts, but as you and I know, adults get something out of it, too. For proof, just check out the 37 photos below.

Scouters Can Have Fun, Too!” is the latest in our Photo Fridays series, a feature that highlights real photos from real Scouters. We’ve already seen Cub Scout Fun, High Adventure, Funny Moments, and Great Moments at Summer Camp.

Next week’s topic: “Service Projects.” E-mail your best shots to me, and include your name and home council.

But before you do, check out these 37 photos:  Continue reading


Photo Fridays: Great Moments at Summer Camp (39 photos)

To be honest, this week’s Photo Friday topic — Great Moments at Summer Camp — is a little redundant.

After all, it’s hard to find any moment at summer camp that isn’t great.

I speak from experience. I attended Camp Cherokee (now called Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp) with my troop six years in a row when I was a Scout. The location stayed the same each year, but the adventures, challenges, and excitement were fresh every time.

From the looks of the photos you sent me this week, it appears I’m not the only one who had a blast at summer camp.

That’s the concept behind this week’s edition of Photo Fridays, a feature highlighting real photos submitted by real Scouters. So far we’ve covered Cub Scout Fun, High Adventure, and Funny Moments.

Next week’s topic: “Scouters Can Have Fun, Too!” E-mail your best shots to me.

But first, enjoy these 39 photos!

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Photo Fridays: Funny Moments (16 photos)

Happy Friday, everyone! Bryan is in Orlando this week at the National Annual Meeting. (Follow Scouting magazine on Twitter for his live updates!)

But just because he’s away doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun—especially with Funny Moments photos that you’ve captured during your Scouting adventures. This post is a part of the Photo Fridays series, a feature highlighting real photos submitted by real Scouters.

So far, this series has covered Cub Scout Fun and High Adventure. We hope the 16 Funny Moments photos below add some laughter to your Friday!

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Photo Fridays: Cub Scout Fun (21 photos)

And now for something completely different.

Starting today and continuing for the next seven weeks, I’m introducing Photo Fridays here at Bryan on Scouting.

It’s simple, really. I give you a theme, and you e-mail me with photos that fit that theme. Thanks to Patrick Adams (my first Scoutmaster) for the idea.

By the way, I’m not looking for frame-worthy photography here. Any photo — from your smartphone or your fancy camera — will do, as long as it fits the theme and belongs to you.

Today’s theme is Cub Scout Fun, and the 21 photos below showcase the excitement of Scouting’s younger-boy program.

Next week’s theme

For next Friday, send me your photos of High Adventure. I’ll leave the exact definition of that vague for this purpose.

E-mail me your photos with the subject line “PHOTO FRIDAYS: High Adventure.” Be sure to include your name and home council.

Enjoy these photos!

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