Knot of the Week: International Scouter’s Award


Here’s a stat that will blow your mind: If Scouts worldwide
formed their own country, they would comprise Earth’s 45th-largest nation—ahead
of Saudi Arabia, Australia, and the Netherlands.

That’s 28 million Scouts in 160 countries!

Sure, we in the BSA take pride in the fact that for close to
100 years, millions of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers have made the
organization strong in the U.S. But given those global numbers, it’s easy to
see that we represent just a fraction of the worldwide Scouting community. And
we honor our part in that, too.

In 2003, the BSA created the International Scouter’s Award.  This square knot recognizes registered BSA Scouters for
their service to the international movement. You can travel several paths on
your way to earning this purple-and-white award. But they all involve
contributions to Scouting outside the U.S. Read on to find out more.

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Knot of the Week: James E. West Fellowship Award


The boys in your Scout unit
can tie several knots with their eyes closed. They can set up a tent in mere
minutes, and their first-aid skills are first-rate. But for all of the great
life lessons they’ve learned in Scouting, they probably don’t know much about
how the program is funded.

And that’s the way it should

Let the boys worry about
growing into fine young citizens and having fun while you and the other adult
volunteers help keep the program financially stable. Like most nonprofit
organizations, the Boy Scouts of America partially relies on gifts from
generous donors to stay afloat.

That’s why the James E.
West Fellowship Award
, this week’s Knot of the Week, is so important. Read on to find out more.

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Knot of the Week: Tiger Cub Den Leader Award


The diamond-shaped Tiger Cub award is usually the first
patch a young Cub Scout receives. These first-graders search, discover, and share—hey, that’s the Tiger Cub motto—as they
complete 15 fun-filled requirements for the orange and yellow award.

Similarly, the Tiger
Cub Den Leader Award
is often the first square knot a new Scouter earns.
They earn it after completing tenure, training, and performance requirements.

Read how to earn this award in another edition of Knot of
the Week.

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Knot of the Week: District Award of Merit


Last week, we introduced the Knot of the Week series on Cracker Barrel in an attempt to, ahem,untangle any confusion about square knots. Well, in the second edition of that series, we bring you the District Award of Merit.

The District Award of Merit is presented by councils upon recommendation of the district, sort of like the Silver Beaver is a national award presented upon recommendation of councils. See the resemblance?

Unlike with the training-based awards like the Scouter’s Key, councils are restricted in how many District Awards of Merit they can award each year. The ratio is simple: one award per 25 units in a district. Divide the number of units by 25, and voila. If there’s a remainder, always round up. In other words, a 26-unit district is bumped up to two awards, a 51-unit district gets three, and so on.

Districts don’t have to hand out all of their allotted awards, but read on for the requirements for when they choose to do so. 

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Knot of the Week: NESA Life Membership Award


When we published a story about square knots called “Know
Your Knots”
in our January-February 2009 issue, we received a barrage
of questions from readers about how to earn specific knots. We at Scouting magazine appreciate your enthusiasm, and we know how important these knots are for volunteers. Besides, with 41 different knots out there, we know it’s tough to understand them all.

For that reason, we’re bringing you a feature called “Knot
of the Week.” Each week in Cracker Barrel, we’ll give you an in-depth look at
one square knot.

Read on for a look at one of the newest knots: the NESA Life
Membership Award. 

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