Coming soon: Scouting Around, a new TV show from Boys’ Life magazine


All this and more, televised for your viewing pleasure.

Call it real reality TV.

Take all the excitement and education found in Boys’ Life magazine and transport it to your television.

That’s the clever concept behind Scouting Around, the new show from the century-old mainstay in the life of boys and the Boy Scouts of America.

According to yesterday’s news release, the show “will focus on widely popular, fun and informational subjects covered in Boys’ Life, appealing to relevant interests of both male and female teenagers.”

Michael Goldman, editorial director of the BSA’s three magazines (Boys’ Life, Scouting and Eagles’ Call) made the point that, “Bringing Boys’ Life into the homes of a new television audience helps us expand the reach of Scouting’s fun and values. After all, today’s readers — and viewers — are tomorrow’s leaders.”

Imagine non-Scouts flipping on their TV and seeing what all Scouts and Venturers experience and learn in Scouting. They’ll sign up right away — well, right after the closing credits roll.

And current Scouts and Venturers Continue reading


Technology in Scouting: A blessing or a curse?

scoutcast-logo1In this corner, we have modern-day Scouting, where technology enhances the delivery of the program in ways never thought possible.

In the other corner, it’s traditional Scouting, that rare respite from a young person’s screen-based life one weekend each month.

Can’t we all just get along?

That’s the thinking I espouse in the latest episode of ScoutCast, the BSA’s monthly podcast. Yes, you read right; I’m honored to say the guest this month is yours truly.

In the 13-minute podcast, I tell the hosts some ways in which technology can be both a blessing and a curse for your pack, troop, or crew. By sharing personal anecdotes, ideas from blog readers, and some useful online tools, I add my thoughts to the important discussion about how your unit can walk the line between technological over-reliance and under-reliance. Continue reading


Scouting for Adventure returns to TV

Set your DVRs! The fifth season of Scouting for Adventure returns to television today—starting at 10 A.M. Eastern on the Outdoor Channel.

Don’t worry if you miss today’s episode, which takes viewers down West Virginia’s New River. The episode will replay 2 P.M. Eastern tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 6). Or you can watch it yet again at 7 A.M. Eastern on Wednesday (Oct. 10).

Check your local cable listings to find the Outdoor Channel in your area. (Or use this link to see if the Outdoor Channel is available in your area.) The episodes will broadcast at the times listed above on a weekly basis.

The fifth season of Scouting for Adventure will take viewers down the New River, adjacent to the BSA’s newest high-adventure base, the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia (home of the 2013 National Scout Jamboree). Plus, Scouts will also find adventure on the West Coast in San Diego.

Want to start from season one and see where the adventure takes you? Order the DVDs of each Scouting for Adventure season for $14.95 each.

You (and your Scouts) won’t want to miss another exciting season of the Boys’ Life magazine television show.


New Tumblr site takes you inside Boys’ Life

You’ll get sneak peeks at future BL content, like this sweet shot from the August issue.

For Scouts who read Boys’ Life (and the Scouters who steal their son’s copy), the BSA’s premier monthly magazine for youth can’t come soon enough.

Take some of the sting out of waiting with the new Inside Boys’ Life Tumblr page.

The regularly updated microblog will include sneak peeks into the magazine, world-class photography, and content sure to interest Scouts and Scouters of all ages.

Follow the Tumblr site and find out about Boys’ Life content before anyone else. Yes, even before me — and I work down the hall from these guys!