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Enter daily for a chance to win rock-climbing gear

Ever watched a group of Scouts tackle a rock-climbing wall?

They make it look so easy!

Now, as an adult, we can try to shimmy up a rock-wall in a nimble nanosecond — but let’s just say it’s a lot tougher than Scouts often make it look. (We’ll chalk it up to their youth.)

But that doesn’t mean adult leaders can’t join in the rock-climbing fun. We’re here to give one Scouter an extra boost on his or her way to the top: the GOING UP! GIVEAWAY.

One Scouter will win a bundle of excellent rock-climbing gear suitable for a beginner and/or intermediate climber. The gear includes: a pair of EVOV climbing shoes, a Black Diamond Vector helmet, a Petzl starter kit, and Julbo sport glasses. Total prize package is $365.

Read more about the GOING UP! GIVEAWAY gear selected by our gear expert, Stephen Regenold (of TheGearJunkie.com) featured in September-October 2012 issue of Scouting magazine.

Enter now for a chance to win this rock-climbing gear package. And don’t forget: Your odds of winning increase the more you enter, so be sure to enter daily. Plus, use the “Tell-A-Friend” link that’s displayed after your entry—by sharing via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter—and you can earn up to one entry per friend who enters. The contest ends Sept. 30.

Good luck!

And, the winners of the August CUT ABOVE GIVEAWAY are …

Grand-prize winners of a Gerber Mike Horn knife:

    • Rob Terry of Stillwater, Okla.
    • Bowman Ching of Sunnyvale, Calif.
    • Mat Greenfield of Lehi, Utah
    • Brennan Toomey of Maple Valley, Wash.
    • Jay Lash of Vinton, Iowa
    • Chad Nabity of Grand Island, Neb.
    • Courtney Evans of Fredericksburg, Va.

Runners up, receiving a Gerber Steady multitool:

    • Mike Rupp of Nixa, Mo.
    • Jeffrey Spurlock of Pleasan View, Tenn.
    • Kristy Bosworth of Mesa, Ariz.
    • Rebecca Hayes of Bonaire, Ga.
    • John Cary of Thaxton, Miss.
    • Christina Muller of St. Louis, Mo.
Where Am I? July-August 2012

July-August ‘Where Am I?’ location—and winner!—revealed

Researching far-off destinations for the “Where Am I?” contests is one of my favorite things to do while on the job. Why? Because I always find myself in awe of how many cool places exist in our great nation.

Take, for instance, the secret location of the July-August challenge: Effigy Mounds National Monument in Iowa. As a midwesterner, I was surprised that I’d never heard of it before! And it appears that I wasn’t the only one: this contest had far fewer entries than normal, only 152 guesses.

New Jersey Scouter Jo Ann Marucci was randomly selected as the winning entry with the correct answer. Congrats, Jo Ann!

Can you guess where I ended up in the September-October “Where Am I?” challenge. Take your best shot.

As always, the same rules apply: Read the clues, examine the photo, and submit your guess. On Oct. 22, we’ll randomly select a correct guess to award one winner a $100 Supply Group gift card.

Good luck!

A Cut Above Giveaway

Enter daily to win one of six knives

When your job is to help prepare youth for life, you’ve got to make sure you’re prepared for anything, too.

And a good knife is an essential part of being prepared, whether at a campout or at a Scout meeting.

In the CUT ABOVE GIVEAWAY—held from Aug. 1 through 31—you can enter to win an all-in-one Wenger Swiss Army Mike Horn knife ($175) that will go to one grand-prize winner. Designed by a world-famous explorer, you can bet this knife will be ready for anything you throw at it.

Five runners-up will receive a Gerber Steady multitool ($64). The Steady is equipped with two knives, a screwdriver, pliers, and more—plus, the device attaches to your phone or camera to serve as a tripod for taking photos. Read more about the knives in this giveaway.

Enter now to win one of six great knives. And don’t forget: Your odds of winning increase the more you enter, so be sure to enter daily. On Sep. 3, we’ll randomly select six winners and announce them here at Bryan on Scouting.

Good luck—enter now!

Drumroll, please … here are the winners of the PLACE TO HANG GIVEAWAY:

  • Grand-prize winners of a Hennessy Hammock “Scout” — Tanya Lindenberg, a Tiger den leader in Lindenhurst, N.Y.; Melissa Jurcago, committee chair and mom of three Scouts in Brunswich, Ohio; and Jeremy Kelone, committee chair and father of three Scouts in Bridge City, Tex.
  • Runners up receiving an Eno “SingleNest” or Grand Trunk “Single” hammock — John Eberhardt, a Scoutmaster and Cubmaster in Sammamish, Wash.; Tracy Bess, mom of two Webelos in Belle, W.Va.; Daniel Butcher, a Cubmaster in Hewitt, N.J.; Mike Gutzat, an assistant Scoutmaster in New Castle, Del.; Randy Possehl, a Venturing Adviser and assistant Scoutmaster in Ellicott City, Md.; Randy Hortman, an assistant Scoutmaster in Omaha, Neb.; and Chris Mott, committee member and father of an Eagle Scout in Yorba Linda, Calif.

These winners were selected from 10,582 entries. Congratulations!


ScoutFleet to celebrate Sea Scouting’s 100th anniversary

Hoist the main sail!

Starting today, 28 vessels and 230 Sea Scouts arrive in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for Centennial ScoutFleet 2012. 

The event, which celebrates this year’s 100th anniversary of Sea Scouts, will put the program on full display with events including an exciting ScoutFleet Regatta starting at 9 a.m. Saturday. The regatta—visible to those on land in the harbor area—will feature uniformed Sea Scouts sailing boats of all variety and lengths, including the flagship boat of the Chesapeake Sea Scout Flotilla, a 46-foot Morgan Ketch sailboat, Der PeLiKan.

After the regatta, an exchange of cannon salutes from the Der PeLiKan and USS Constellation—the Navy’s last wooden warship—will echo throughout the harbor as the Scouts undergo a review of ships. A parade of ships will follow. Then, the group will celebrate Sea Scouting with a gala birthday party—the highlight of which will be a cake with 100 candles! Keith Christopher, national Sea Scout director, will also speak to the crowd.

This visible display of Sea Scouting in such a prominent and busy harbor honors 100 years of tradition in a program that keeps older Scouts active by teaching how to “cruise large boats, operate large diesel engines, and make lifelong friends,” says Joshua Gilliland, national Sea Scout Centennial chairman.

Learn more about ScoutFleet and find a Sea Scout ship near you by visiting newseascout.org. Plus, you can find a recap of this event, including photos of the regatta, in the November-December issue of Scouting.


Enter daily to win one of 10 hammocks

We’ve all been there: waking up in a haze of discomfort after sleeping on a rocky, uneven surface in a tent. It’s not pleasant.

Derek Hansen says it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, he says, try sleeping in a hammock. Hansen, a Scoutmaster and longtime “hammock enthusiast,” breaks down all you need to know about hammock camping in his new book, The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping.

Find two suitable trees, adjust the tethers and the nylon hammock, and you’ve got yourself a one-way ticket to a good night’s sleep—on a campout, no less!

Still skeptical? Read through Hansen’s article “Ten reasons why you should try hammock camping” on Scoutingmagazine.org.

And to get you started on this latest endeavor, you can enter to win your own hammock in the PLACE TO HANG GIVEAWAY, ending July 31. Continue reading

Where Am I - Golden Arches

May-June ‘Where Am I?’ winner and location revealed

The May-June “Where Am I?” contest was tough, judging from the relatively small number of guesses. Only 315 entries were received, compared to 666 in the March-April contest. Many readers guessed “Arches National Park.” However, the true location of this picture is thousands of miles away from the sunburnt-orange Utah arches.

The answer? Twin Arches at Big South Fork National River and Recreation area in Tennessee. Congratulations to our winner, Lynn Jaffe, a committee member with Troop 719 in the Old Hickory Council, North Carolina.

And, just because we know you like a challenge, try your geography skills at a new “Where Am I?” contest starting today. Scouting magazine takes a break from printing in the summer months, but we’re still hosting a contest to keep our readers sharp. The same rules apply: Read the clues, examine the photo, and submit your guess. We’ll randomly select a correct guess to award one winner a $100 Supply Group gift card.

The “Where Am I?” — Sculpted Solace contest ends Aug. 13.

Good luck!


Enter daily to win one of three gotta-have backpacks

Who’s going backpacking this summer? (Yep, I’ve got my hand raised, too!)

After you’ve collected the essentials—like a great stove, sturdy boots, a lightweight tent—did you remember the most important item for a long-distance trek? … a comfortable backpack?

We’ve got your back. Literally. This month, we’re giving away three—yes, three!—backpacks in our GOT YOUR BACK GIVEAWAY, starting June 1 and ending June 30.

The prizes include: A Deuter AIRCONTACT backpack ($270) for the first-place winner; an Osprey Atmos backpack ($240) for the second-place winner; and a Columbia SilverRidge Weekender backpack ($120) for the third-place winner. The first-place prize will also include a MSR Pocket Rocket stove, a Tilley Outback Hat, and a SnowPeak “Snow Miner” headlamp, too! (Read more about the prize packages.)

Your odds of winning increase the more you add your name to our pool of entries. So, enter daily through June 30. And don’t forget: You can tell others about the giveaway using the referral link displayed after you enter. You will receive one extra entry for each friend who enters the contest using your link.

The winner of the GOT YOUR BACK GIVEAWAY will be announced the week of July 1 (along with a new July giveaway that you don’t want to miss!).

Good luck—enter now!

Gordon Strawn, a Scoutmaster from Las Cruces, N.M., won the May 2012 JUST ADD WATER GIVEAWAY. Gordon reports that his troop will use the water-filtration gear during their trip to Philmont next year. Congrats, Gordon!


Photo Fridays: Funny Moments (16 photos)

Happy Friday, everyone! Bryan is in Orlando this week at the National Annual Meeting. (Follow Scouting magazine on Twitter for his live updates!)

But just because he’s away doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun—especially with Funny Moments photos that you’ve captured during your Scouting adventures. This post is a part of the Photo Fridays series, a feature highlighting real photos submitted by real Scouters.

So far, this series has covered Cub Scout Fun and High Adventure. We hope the 16 Funny Moments photos below add some laughter to your Friday!

Continue reading


Enter daily to win awesome water-filtration tools

Thirsty? If you’re not now, you will be in a couple months—summer is right around the corner!

Be prepared for thirst with this package of water-purification gear offered in the JUST ADD WATER GIVEAWAY, starting today and ending May 31.

One random winner will receive a Platypus GravityWorks water-filtration system, one SteriPEN Adventure Opti, and one Camelbak All Clear bottle. While the purification technology varies item to item—from gravity-driven water filtration to UV rays—each of these devices deliver clean water when you’re out on the trail. The total value of this package is $300.

Enter daily to increase your chances of winning the JUST ADD WATER GIVEAWAY and read more about the water-purification gear. Don’t forget: You can tell others about the giveaway using the referral link displayed after you enter. You will receive one extra entry for each friend who enters the contest using your link.

Good luck!

Ten lucky winners were randomly selected from a total of 762 entries to win a Buff in the GOTCHA COVERED GIVEAWAY, which ended May 7. The winners are: Sandy Carpenter, Paul Kautz, Perry Harris, Todd Messenger, Keith Carpenter, Stewart Stryker, Danny Culver, Jeffrey Hoppe, Don Robinett, and Alan Spangler. Thanks for entering! Don’t forget that Scouting magazine hosts monthly gear giveaways at scoutingmagazine.org/contests.


Enter to win a Buff in the Gotcha Covered Giveaway

When our gear guru Stephen Regenold (founder of thegearjunkie.com) selects items for Scouting magazine’s “Great Gear” column, he uses two important criteria when making his final selections: style and function. Buff headwear—featured in our May-June issue—meets both of these standards.

That’s why we decided to snag a handful of Buffs to give back to our readers: Enter our GOTCHA COVERED GIVEAWAY for a chance to win one of 10 Buffs. This contest will end in one week, on Monday, May 7.

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