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Top 5 merit badges Batman would have no trouble earning

Assuming you can get him to take a break from fighting crime and brooding in his underground cave, Batman would be a really good Boy Scout.

He’s unusual in the world of superheroes in that he doesn’t have any superhuman powers. He uses science, physical strength and ingenuity — all skills promoted in Scouting — to do the right thing.

But what would his merit badge sash look like?

In honor of this week’s release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I thought I’d share the top five merit badges Batman would have no trouble earning.

(What about Superman? I’ve got that list right here.)

Here’s Batman’s list. Disagree with one I included? Have a better one? Sound off in the comments.

crime_prevention_smCrime Prevention

Well, this one’s a no-brainer. The Caped Crusader is your best ally in the world of battling baddies, so he’d sail through the Crime Prevention merit badge.

When discussing with the counselor “a career in the crime prevention or security industry that interests you,” he’ll no doubt provide the best answer possible: “crime-fighting superhero.”


Gadgets are an essential part of the legend of Batman. He wields a number of bat-shaped tools to help him navigate Gotham City and subdue criminals.

Coming up with the latest invention to fight crime or — gasp — fight Superman would help him earn the Inventing merit badge, a STEM-focused badge that fosters a young man’s creativity.

mammal_study_smMammal Study

First thing’s first: Yes, a bat is a mammal. In fact, it’s the only mammal that can truly fly (as opposed to gliding or soaring).

The merit badge pamphlet for the Mammal Study merit badge includes plans for building a bat house, so Batman would certainly excel at building what’s basically a mini-Batcave.

sign_sig_code_smSigns, Signals and Codes

Nobody knows “the importance of signaling in emergency communications” better than Batman, who has trained Gotham City’s police department to point the Bat-Signal to the skies during times of crisis. That signal sends a pretty clear message: “Help! Now!”

The Signs, Signals and Codes merit badge, one of the BSA’s newest badges, shows Scouts the importance of newer communication techniques, like emojis, and older ones, like Morse code and semaphore.


Batman went to Yale Law School. Well, technically it was his alter ego Bruce Wayne who went there — assuming Yale’s alumni magazine is to be believed.

So that makes the Dark Knight a perfect candidate to earn the Law merit badge, which teaches Scouts about the legal profession and jobs that deal with aspects of law.

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7 Comments on Top 5 merit badges Batman would have no trouble earning

  1. Is there a climbing merit badge ? He would definitely earn that with ease. Didn’t he have a rope with a metal bat insignia on the end that he would use to climb up the side of buildings?

  2. Personal Fitness for sure! He has no superpowers and still clobbers the bad guys!

  3. His alter ego (no spoilers)…just kidding – Bruce Wayne – could be good at Entrepreneurship, American Business, Salesmanship.

  4. What about Chemistry MB? One of the early movies shows Batman tracing the effects of various cosmetic products.

    Also, how about Fingerprinting MB??

    • Bryan Wendell // March 25, 2016 at 8:45 am // Reply

      Good ones!

  5. Ken Kuczma // March 25, 2016 at 9:35 pm // Reply

    I just came back from the movie. He’s a bully and there is no room for bullies in Scouts. He may be able to earn the merit badges, but he lacks the characteristics of an Eagle Scout. He’s a Star drop out, at best he’s a Life for life because he has his priorities out of line and got mess up with the wrong crowd (Lex Luther.) He steals (data) promotes vigilantly justice and has no regard for personal property. Thank God Alfred is there to try and keep him honest. Give me Superman or Captain America any day.

  6. Entrepreneurship??

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