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Extreme Makeovers, Round 12: Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos

Note: This is the 12th in a series where I share Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos. See the complete collection here.

To fully understand the impact Eagle Scout projects have on communities, you need to see to believe. That’s why I asked to see Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos — the same photos prospective Eagles are asked to include with their post-project report.

This week’s batch of 16 Eagle projects includes shelving for storing hockey gear, a teaching garden at a preschool, a redesigned 4-H Snack Shack and more.

What’s great is that you can multiply each individual act of stupendous service by 50,000. That’s how many Eagle Scout projects get completed every single year.

TIP: Click or tap and drag the slider below each image to see the change.

Jacob from Oregon

Who: Jacob, Troop 177, Eugene Ore.

What: Jacob and his team built a large turnpike on a heavily used trail that floods out during the rainy season which was causing the trail to widen and become unsafe for hikers.

Jake from Ohio

Who: Jake, Troop 803, Sycamore Township, Ohio

What: Jake and his team installed an awning over a set of basement steps outside of a local church. The basement would flood from excessive rainwater, and debris would clog the drains. The awning and newly installed railing will help prevent flooding and keep anyone from falling into the stairwell.

Eric from New Jersey

Who: Eric, Troop 114, West Milford, N.J.

What: Eric and his team built shelves for the high school hockey team to store their gear.

Hayden from California

Who: Hayden, Troop 664, San Diego

What: Hayden and his team built and installed a 20-foot equestrian bridge over a small riverbed.

Michael from Ohio

Who: Michael, Troop 617, Cincinnati

What: Michael and his team, with the help of the Ohio Historical Society, completely overhauled and moved a portion of the Eagle’s Trail to a safer elevation grade at Fort Ancient State Memorial in Oregonia, Ohio.

Andrew from Ohio

Who: Andrew, Troop 62, Sylvania, Ohio

What: Andrew and his team created a teaching garden for a Jewish preschool, including installing a new walkway and moving a ramp to line up with new walkway.

Sean from Missouri

Who: Sean, Troop 4452, Poplar Bluff, Mo.

What: Sean and his team installed a 37-foot bridge across a drainage ditch from a parking lot to soccer fields at a city park.

Clayton from Indiana

Who: Clayton, Troop 4012, New Albany, Ind.

What: Clayton and his team remodeled the Snack Shack for the Clark County 4-H adult leaders, inside and out. Proceeds from the Snack Shack goes to provide 4-H scholarships and training for leadership.


Rodger from Illinois

Who: Rodger, Troop 35, Wheaton, Ill.

What: Rodger and his team built a shed from scratch for a Habitat for Humanity home in St. Charles, Ill. The home has no garage so the shed is the home’s only storage area for outdoor equipment and tools.

Jacob from Illinois

Who: Jacob, Troop 35, Wheaton, Ill.

What: Jacob and his team built shelving and a staircase and organized the prop room at Waubonsie Valley High School in Aurora, Ill., where Jacob knows the theatre manager. Jacob plans to study technical theater, so this project was something very much in line with his career calling.

Jeremy from California

Who: Jeremy, Troop 2103, Lompoc, Calif.

What: Jeremy and his team replaced a sign holder with a educational kiosk for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Morgan from Colorado

Who: Morgan, Troop 366, Colorado Springs, Colo.

What: Morgan and his team rebuilt this decrepit 24-foot footbridge using recycled plastic lumber and powder-coated rails for a lasting, environmentally friendly bridge connecting an elementary school to the local neighborhood.

Brett from South Carolina

Who: Brett, Troop 737, Summerville S.C.

What: Brett and his team designed and built a shelter and bench overlooking a pond along the nature trail at the Samworth Wildlife Management Area in Georgetown, S.C.

Jack from Ohio

Who: Jack, Troop 172, Munroe Falls, Ohio

What: Jack and his team installed a cement sidewalk at Riverwood Community Chapel. The church staff wanted to have easy access to the storage shed without getting muddy, wet or covered in snow.

Charlie from Ohio

Who: Charlie, Troop 273, Stow, Ohio

What: Charlie and his team rebuilt Riverwood Community Chapel’s fire pit with a permanent fire ring and brick edge. They also built six 4-foot benches for the fire pit and two 8-foot benches for the sand volleyball court.

Alan from Pennsylvania

Who: Alan, Troop 57 of Houtzdale, Pa

What: Alan and his team designed and constructed a 28-by-30-foot concrete pad with a pavilion and picnic tables at the Moshannon Valley Elementary School.

Like these? See more here and look for another batch next Monday.

Have before-and-after Eagle photos I can use in future posts? Go here to learn how to send them to me.



10 Comments on Extreme Makeovers, Round 12: Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos

  1. I think this is a great idea to share the success of our Eagle Scout projects. But please tell me what I am doing incorrectly, I see only one tenth of the projects as before “and” after photos. 90% of the time I see only one photo. Am I doing something wrong. There is only one slider bar for one project, for this installment of Eagle projets and it does not work. Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    • Hmm, they’re all working on my end. Try refreshing, maybe?

  2. Bryan could you look at your post and reply to my commenr? Or would you like me to ask it here?

    • Bryan Wendell // September 21, 2015 at 3:08 pm // Reply

      Hi, I did see the question. The answer is I’m not sure. I would check with the council to see if they have any suggestions for how you should proceed.

  3. I guess I am out of luck. Everything I’ve tried, including refreshing does not change the viewing. Oh well.

  4. Nicholas Simpson // September 21, 2015 at 5:09 pm // Reply

    Building Shelves for a hockey team was approved for an Eagle Scout project…?

  5. I see a few good projects here, but I see a lot that wouldn’t have cut it in my troop, or district council. I guess some Eagle scouts are better than others.

    • Bryan Wendell // September 21, 2015 at 9:33 pm // Reply

      Not so fast, Jimmy. Two photos and a sentence don’t tell the whole story.

  6. Maybe I am just not imaginative enough, but I would like to see the whole picture before and after rather than half and half. My brain hurts looking at these trying to imagine what is hiding in the cropped area. Just a suggestion.

    • If you either “view source” or bring up developer options on your browser, you can grab each image before and after and view them on your machine manually.

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