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U.K. Scout Association is making something big out of Legos

uk-lego-minifigThe big new thing from the U.K. Scout Association is just an inch a half tall.

And it has interchangeable heads.

A creative new recruiting and awareness campaign from our friends across the pond (and fellow members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement) features Legos in an effort to spark interest in Scouting.

The Lego minifigs appear in a brilliant video in which a group of Cubs sitting around a campfire answers the question, “What’s the most fun thing you’ve ever done?” Their answers — complete with Lego re-enactments — are worth watching in the video below.

There’s also an infographic about what people really think of U.K. Scouting that has some clear takeaways for those of us on this side of the Atlantic.

And of course there’s merchandise, including an opportunity to order a custom Scout Lego minifig wearing a Boy Scout, Cub Scout or Venturing uniform.

Enough, um, build-up. See it all after the jump.

Cubs Lego video

Lego infographic

Click to enlarge:


Lego Scout merchandise


You can order a bunch of U.K. Scouting Lego merchandise — T-shirts, badges, etc. — from the U.K. Scout Shop online. Shipping to the U.S. incurs an extra charge.

Here’s an example of a Lego minifig Eagle Scout from a now-closed eBay listing. Not sure about the pants, but the shirt looks cool!


My visit to the U.K. Scout Association

Thanks to Matt Jones, editor of the U.K. version of Scouting magazine, for the Lego images and info.

If you like, please read about my visit to the “other” Scouting magazine and see inside the archives for some fun Scouting surprises — including Baden-Powell’s Wood Badge beads.

20 Comments on U.K. Scout Association is making something big out of Legos

  1. I want one.

  2. With the popularity of the Lego Movie, I can see how a 30-second promo using these figures would be received as very cool. Sounds like something for marketing to work on.

  3. Are the custom minifigs depicting the BSA uniform (such as the Eagle Scout shown above) licensed by the BSA?

  4. I echo Marcus’ question and have ordered two of those for me personally and have ordered 10 for a Lego Camping diorama which is in my office here in Tennessee. I’ve started this project about three years ago when I was hired; but I had to stop because I needed a longer platform in which the place the Lego pieces (and my lake, which my Sweetie made for me but I need a lot of blue Lego(tm) bricks to raise it so the SCUBA Scout and the sharks can swim under the water…). I PROMISE when I get it complete to take lots of photos and place them on my personal blog.

    • The Lego camping diorama sounds awesome! Please do send pictures when you’re done.

      I don’t believe these are official BSA licensees, no.

      • If they’re not licensed, why are you promoting them here?

        Seems to go against the BSA’s rules:

        And is contrary to your own words, Bryan:

        I guess it’s okay to break copyright, trademark and licensing laws as long as it results in something “cool.”

        • ScoutingManiac // May 2, 2014 at 4:24 am //

          Why is it that the “licensing” issue always is mentioned? Why is this the most important issue? Can’t we focus on REAL issues?0

      • Trent Kaufman // May 6, 2014 at 11:05 pm // Reply

        Bryan – How do I post photos? I have some pictures for you to look at along this topic.

        • Cathy Cunningham // April 19, 2015 at 10:31 am //

          Licensing IS a real issue. It protects our beloved movement from abuse and inappropriate use. I love these little scout Lego s. Of course they are not licensed by the BSA….They are B.S. of the U.K., not America.

  5. let’s get an American version of this video!

  6. William W. // April 30, 2014 at 6:50 pm // Reply

    This is pretty….Awesome!!!! 🙂


  7. When can Legos sell an American version??

  8. I thought BSA outlawed all LEGO themed stuff…? If that is true it’s a shame because Scout LEGOs could be huge for the BSA. It would be a great way to market Cub Scouts.

    Nice video UK Scouting! Thanks for sharing Bryan!

    • Elizabeth // May 1, 2014 at 12:30 pm // Reply

      Why would they outlaw Legos? Choking hazard? Scouts are over 3 years old. I love his idea. Boys love Legos, why not look into a partnership?

      • Andy said “LEGO themed stuff” which probably means patches, shirts, etc. Not LEGOs themselves. That makes no sense.

        • San Diego Imperial Council had the Lego figures on their patches for Jamboree (super cool looking too) and other special patches for the council. I agree, if Lego and BSA could announce a national partnership, it would certainly be beneficial for both parties.

  9. Vinnie Close // May 2, 2014 at 8:25 pm // Reply

    Hey, BSA National! Wanna make a lot of money? Strike up a partnership deal with LEGO!

    Look at what the Girl Scouts are doing with Build-A-Bear–they’re doing very successful and every time we go to a Build-A-Bear store, there always seems to be someone doing a Girl Scout bear or buying the Girl Scout accessories. Their initial partnership started out as just a single bear you could only get if your troop scheduled a party there. So many people were asking for that initial bear but didn’t want to do a party (or weren’t with a troop) that they quickly expanded it to drop the “do it a party” requirement, and now they have multiple bears and uniforms for every program level. I talked to a store manager a while ago and she said the Girl Scout bears have been one of their most successful (and longest-lasting) licensing deals.

    Heck, if they did a deal for a Cub Scout Build-A-Bear, I bet it’d do well.

    The BSA has licensing agreements with so many other products, it seems like a natural fit for them to strike a deal with LEGO.

    • There are blue and khaki shirts available for build-a-bear that are scout-like, including a neckerchief

  10. You can never have enough LEGOs, the most creative toy since AC Gilbert Erector sets. Boys/ Girls/ Baby Duplos. As a 3 generation family of Scouters, Leaders and Alumns we say GO FOR IT BSA/LEGO. Yours in Scouting CT USA. Arden.

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