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Jamboree closing show now yours to watch online

Rousing music performances, impassioned speeches, bright young Scouts, the King of Sweden and the guy from Dirty Jobs — Saturday’s “Celebration of Scouting” show had everything you crave from a jamboree show and more.

If you weren’t one of the 40,000-plus watching in person at the AT&T Summit Stadium, now’s your chance to watch the archived video and see what you missed. It’s now live at along with video from Tuesday’s opening show.

Prefer just the highlights? Check out my minute-by-minute breakdown:

18:30 – BSA’s Got Talent runner-up performs (animation dancer)

24:30 – BSA’s Got Talent winner performs (piano player)

40:00 – Jamboree Band performs

57:05 – Sarah Centeno performs

1:27:05 – Scouting dignitaries speak: Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock; BSA National President Wayne Perry; Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden; and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson.

1:39:35 – Jamboree video montage

1:46:15 – Mike Rowe speaks (you can also watch his speech here)

*Note: Because of contractual obligations, the 3 Doors Down concert was not streamed online and isn’t included in the archived video.

More screenshots:




4 Comments on Jamboree closing show now yours to watch online

  1. Bryan, thanks for the coverage. I rather wish some newspapers and broadcasters had followed your posts more closely. Maybe next time.

  2. Scouter Mark // July 24, 2013 at 11:54 am // Reply

    Bummer on the 3 Doors Down concert not being available. But glad they performed and didn’t cave into pressure not to perform as others did.

  3. Thank you for video.

  4. Who was the awesome Scout piano player and is his performance available as a stand-alone?

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