Amateur radio fans: How does free sound?

icom-kitA complete amateur radio station in a box can be sent to your council for free*!

Too good to be true? Nope. That’s the offer from Icom America, the BSA sponsor I told you about in June that will supply radios to the 2013 jamboree.

For only the cost of shipping ($20 to $50), Icom will loan your local council all the equipment it needs to get an amateur radio station up and running for a council event. We’re talking Radio merit badge workshops, camporees, or Jamboree on the Air events.

That’s a $2,700 kit that your council can borrow for next to nothing.

Details, including an application for your council’s use, are available at this official BSA page. Contact your council to recommend they apply for one of these stations for a future event. 

What’s in the box? Watch the video below to find out…

Watch the video

*Just pay shipping.

4 thoughts on “Amateur radio fans: How does free sound?

  1. Wait.. “…that your council can borrow”? If this is only “on loan”, that needs to be made clearer in the story. I don’t care for misleading wording–intentional or not…

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