Boy Scouts of America to reconsider national membership policy

Update (Jan. 31): The BSA has provided this page for leaving feedback about the membership policy. Alternatively, you can email

Update (Feb. 5): Thanks to everyone for their valuable feedback. After more than 2,100 comments in the past week, I’ve determined that it’s time to close the comment thread on this post.

The Boy Scouts of America is discussing whether to remove the national membership restriction regarding sexual orientation, the organization announced today.

If approved, the move would end any national policy regarding sexual orientation of members and hand the responsibility of accepting members and selecting leaders to chartered organizations. Chartered organizations could then handle this task in accordance with their mission, principles, and/or religious beliefs.

The news was announced in an email sent by Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock to all National Council employees this afternoon and confirmed through a media statement posted to

“Let me be clear that the change under discussion would allow chartered organizations to determine how to address this issue,” Brock writes. “The Boy Scouts would not, under any circumstances, dictate a position to units, members, or parents. Under this proposed policy, the BSA would not require any chartered organization to act in ways inconsistent with that organization’s mission, principles, or religious beliefs.”

Discussion on the proposed policy change will continue during the National Executive Board meeting in Texas next week.

If the board takes action related to the membership policy, Brock says, it will be promptly communicated to all professionals and volunteers.

And I’ll post the news here on Bryan on Scouting, as well.

2,111 thoughts on “Boy Scouts of America to reconsider national membership policy

  1. As a Scout Master this change in position may be the death of scouting as we know it. Homosexual acts are sin ! You can say they are not but they still are. The Boy Scouts have always called their members to walk through life at a higher standard to follow the scout oath and law. This change in position will undermine that standard.

    • Well, fortunately, homosexual acts will not be happening in Boy Scouts, so you don’t have to worry about that. At any rate, isn’t divorce a sin? Gluttony? Greed? A prideful heart? Does the Boy Scouts exclude leaders who have those qualities? Stop focusing only on one sin.

        • Trenton, Please quote me book, chapter, and verse of where Jesus condemned homosexuals. You won’t find a single one.

          Now if you do want to follow the WWJD principles, why not do some good instead of condemning others.

          Now please pull the plank out of your eye before trying to remove the sty in mine.

        • Rob I can tell you that the Old Testament testifys that homosexuality is a sin along with the New Testament and you can’t separate the two Testaments from each other. Rob please read the whole Bible I would not want to deprive you of finding out for yourself if the Bible is true or not. I am not condemning anyone as no man can take on this mantle save Jesus Christ. All men will have to stand before the bar of Jehovah and be judged there is no way around it. Trenton

        • so you want to exclude all sinners from scouts equally? ok then. i suppose we are all out according to christian doctrine?

    • so we should exlude all sinners from scouts? ok. noted. so how did you or i or anyone else for that matter get in? i recall something the bible said about judging not… can you finish that for me? i don’t recall how it ends…

  2. I understand that the Scouting movement in Great Britain caved recently. That is no consolation whatsoever. We must pray and pray hard.

  3. What a bunch of GUTLESS INDIVIDUALS we have in Texas. For the past five years the executive committee has been looking for a way to incorporate the homosexual/pedifile lifestyle into scouting. No longer will a normal lifestyle be safe from those who’s desire is to pervert our youth. The fact that one organization can prohibit an individual from joining does not protect their scouts from the adults or youths of another troop. Imagine the sexual attacks that WILL take place in the woods at summer camp or jamboree’s. When this happens who will be at fault? Who will be accountable and charged for such act? Why should they? You know that type of lifestyle we will be forced to accept. Wayne Brock,the new scout chief has stated that he will bring scouting in America more into the mainstream of scouting around the world. Canada already has moved to allow homosexuals. In England, psychiatrists have stated that pedifilia is a normal lifestyle and is looking to have it accepted into the mainstream. WAYNE BROCK, you need to resign. Your agenda is in no way a positive step in helping our scouts grow to be responsible individuals. Any lazy person can turn a blind eye to what anyone does and accept anything. At least until those new standards affect them. Then it is too late. To take a stand and combat evil standards is difficult. The Integrity necessary to do so comes over a long period of time through much diligence and hard work. What message are you, WAYNE BROCK, sending about ME because I will not accept your pervsive attitude? Does that, WAYNE BROCK, make you better than Me? Recreational Pot is legal in some states. Is that for okay with you WAYNE BROCK? Prostitution is legal. Is that okay with you WAYNE BROCK? All the finances spent to defend The Boy Scouts of America against those who demanded “THE FILES”. What a fraud, a rouse to cover up WAYNE BROCK”S actions. There may be many members on the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, but WAYNE BROCK is the chief and is solely responsible to enact on their behalf. I stated in a Woodbadge Course that if Texas changes any standard, such as this, that The Boy Scouts of America will no longer be The Boy Scouts of America. Bryan, I may have wrongly stated that in 2012 there was a forum on accepting HOMOSEXUALS into scouting. Perhaps It was in a different forum, but I wish I wasn’t right when I stated that this would happen and was ridiculed but many whose said it wouldn’t happen or that it is time. The GOD that will be taken out of scouting will hold you, WAYNE BROCK, and the committee accountable. Don’t accept my words and standards? How intollerant of you.

    • You need to separate sexual orientation from pediphelia. No one has ever claimed that pediphelia is acceptable and your believe that they are on in the same reveals that you are not giving this any real thought. You may disagree with the lifestyles of the LGBT community but don’t put them in the same camp as pediphiles. A pediphile selects individuals based on their age and their ability to dominate.
      Also, in my experience, many of those who so strongly and vocally vilify gays are secretly that way themselves but are conflicted in dealing with it, so they lash out at those who are open.

      • If your so ignorant that you think your cute comment is credible, laugh when your child, if you are privelidged to have them, or a child of an aquaintence comes and tells that they were assaulted. Tell them that it is okay since they are married. I make no apologies for my statement. Should have said more.

        • The BSA is NOT letting pediphiles in. No one has ever said that, well, except you. You need to understand the terms. It is ignorance of this type that is killing our nation. I would not want my child being mentored by someone who is so poorly informed as you. What are you teaching the youth in your unit? Maybe you should reconsider if you are fit as a leader if you cannot separate such concepts.
          If Mike Jr were gay or his kids, would you have kicked them out of scouting? or out of your house?

        • Sonny boy, as my sons baseball coach, and the best on base player I had, I sat him, and two of his team mates, for not doing their school work. I pulled my oldest daughter off the field during a game when she yelled at me from the field and told me to shut up after she struck out. I have not, nor I do today tolerate anyone of my scouts who, in any way, violates the Scout Law, Oath, Promise and Slogan. Pedifiles will have to be allowed. BSA wouldn’t want to discriminate against them. As for your question, you bet I would have dismissed him from scouts. If any of my grandkids, of which there are 8, decides to follow that perverted lifestyle, I will do all I can to protect my other grandkids from them. Too bad you don’t have the same desire to protect others.

        • the difference here, Mike, is that pedophiles are excluding for committing crimes. homosexuality is not a crime. if a homosexual commits pedophilia then of course, he would be excluded, yes, and rightfully so. homosexuality DOES NOT equal pedophilia. I am certainly glad that my son has not had a mentor like you to teach him how to hate.

        • First, I probably could be your father. Do you have now or ever had any gay scouts in your unit? My guess is that you have had many and many of your best scouts who dropped out of the program did so because of the discrimination policy. Since a scout is honest, he must leave if he thinks he is gay. Human sexuality is not simply fully gay or fully straight, it is a continuum. In adolescence, youth are trying to figure these things out. And by your argument, you would throw out all of the scouts who ever think they are gay. This would be (and is) a tragedy.
          You should realize that there is a very real possibility that a soon-to-be gay scout (but not out of the closet) will be spending the night alone in a tent with your son. The ony way to protect yourself against them is to never go out of the house, but then if you have two sons, the other might be gay too.

          The other point, is why would the BSA have to allow pediphiles? I have been involved in scouting for almost 50 years and at the council level have had to deal with issues with pediphiles and child pornographers. I have also known many a scout who has eventually come out. Believe me, these are all very different things. I do not know of any gay (ex-)scout to whom I would not want trust with my son or grandson. But there is a large number of ‘heterosexual’ scouters who even I feel uncomfortable around (and several of them, over the years, have crossed the line into pediphelia or child pornography).
          If you have access to the BSA ‘secret’ file list, many of the individuals who were rejected due to molestation were ‘happily married’ men.

        • i certainly do not condone pedophilia and do not find it amusing that children are abused. my point is that it is false to say that pedophiles are all gay. it is just as wrong if the pedophile in question is married to a woman. most male pedophiles are married. and their victims are their own children.

  4. It is Too Bad that National is pushing the Front Lines of this battle to our back yards, as if we don’t have to stand strong on this subject, now we stand Alone! Thanks National !
    R.I.P. BSA Values.

    • Nice right? We’ve supported them and their policies for years now they duck and abandon those supporters. Of course they will want our support when they come begging for FOS donations.

  5. In a matter of time this will go down hill! Slippery slope! It happens all the time! DO NOT do this! There will be a split in the BSA! The issue will then be more about the money being lost because of the mass exodus (See how the GSA is all up in arms due to so many leaving for AHG). This decision HAS to be tied to money!The AT&T CEO and E&Y guys obviously have a lot of pull related to their wallets. In this world it is the Golden Rule! The ones with the Gold make the rules. So , if BSA decided to go this way, and BSA becomes fractured due to this decision, they will hurt for money. That will then open them up further to moral decline to get more members. And do you think the people wanting this to happen will stop at this give in? NOPE – expect it to get worse with more and more pressure! DO NOT MAKE THIS VERY VERY BAD DECISION! Please kick the AT&T and E&Y guys out! Stand up for the morals that started and has kept the BSA strong!


  6. Oh, and frowny faces and cries of despair and rounds of applause and gasps or surprise and quotes from the bible/koran/talmud/constitution and of course, thanking god (or God) on both sides of the issue.

  7. Do it, and I’m gone. Along with everyone in my family.

  8. It will be the beginning of the end of scouts as we know. I pray that they don’t change it. Can’t ANY organization withstand the progressive, liberal agenda(s)? Stand with God, stand strong.

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    • No because the gay community insists to force themselves into every facet of our lives and will bully and sue anyone who doesn’t capitulate. They are a tiny minority of our country but thanks to the liberal media have tons of voice.

      So while they can say they despise those who don’t agree with their lifestyle, if we say the same about theirs we are accused of being hate filled bigots.

      • Rather than teaching our youth catch-all tolerance, we need to start teaching them moral principal, critical reasoning and sound judgment. They can take it from there.

        Tolerance isn’t even a virtue, although it’s as close as “progressive” secularists have to a virtue. It’s merely a reaction, and can be either good or bad depending on what is being tolerated.


      • Because the intolerant gay community will not be happy until they force themselves into every aspect of our lives. They obviously don’t have the resources or interest in starting their own organization, they want to force their way into one. For a group that is trying to push tolerance for anything they are sure intolerant of anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

        • Jo, I have been reading your comments all over here, and one theme is clear: you somehow feel like you are the aggrieved minority. I can appreciate, although I don’t share, your feeling that something that used to be condemned is now more openly tolerated, but you need to look past your feelings and do some good critical thinking here. Gay people are simply asking to be treated like anyone else. That is hardly “forcing themselves into every area of our lives.” They are not forcing you to be gay, they aren’t asking for special favors, just not to be discriminated against. Your comments about tolerance don’t make sense: people asking for tolerance are usually not going to be “tolerant” of the intolerant. That would be intellectual suicide. It seems you have a deep desire to get away from gay people… but they are around you everywhere. Many have spent years in the closet but are tired of that. They shouldn’t have to live in the shadows because people like you don’t feel comfortable around them. They are US citizens just like us, and human beings worthy of respect and dignity. You’ve made some other comments on here that show you are capable of looking at things from more than just one angle; I hope that you will carefully consider what I have said and also consider that this might be a great chance for you to experience how being around gay people ISN’T so awful.

      • How about an organization just for white people? Or just for brunette people? How about for people who are *just exactly like us* ? That way, we don’t ever have to be challenged to grow and accept people who are different, and we don’t ever have to have our prejudices challenged. Exclusion: yay!!!

  9. I have been involved with scouting since 1968, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Adult scout leader. if this passes I and my family will be finished and so will scouting. If I want to belong to a group of LGBT, I would join them. And if the national policy changes, the rest will have to follow, watch and see if you do not think so.

    • from what I understand, your unit would NOT be forced to change its policy and could keep gays out. other units could make different decisions.

    • I am so glad I was never a part of your Pack/Troop – a group that teaches narrow mindedness and bigotry. Either it lacked quality leadership, or you wasted your time in Scouts, because you failed to learn the real values of Scouting.

      Scouting is about raising future leaders, leaders who will be fair and open minded in their professional dealings. It is not about teaching them to be bigots, homosexuals, etc. So to label the future of Scouting as being a “group of LGBT” is far from the purpose of this great organization.

      In my 45+ years of Scouting, I have never heard of a discussion about sex or a fellow Scout or leader’s sexual orientation. It simply has no place in a Scout function. In fact, Scouting does not teach anything about sexuality, dating, or anything of this sort. If you and your fellow leaders have had such a conversation with your youth within a Scouting event, I forsee your name appearing on the banned leader list. Leave the preachings of sexual morality to the church, as it has no purpose in a Troop meeting.

  10. Its a slippery slope you tread on when an organization based on moral foundation, begins to waiver in its beliefs, especially when it is to a minority that will not be satisfied until its ideals are imposed upon everyone. The Boy Scouts of America should not waiver. Its not about sexual orientation. Its about the ideals of Scouting. It sounds like the Boy Scouts of America (National) are looking to absolve themselves of the responsibility of upholding those ideals. With that being said.

    Why change the Boy Scouts of America? Make your own Gay Scouts, Rainbow Scouts, Happy Scouts, BSGay, or whatever. Theres nothing stopping anyone from getting together and forming another organization especially if the beliefs of the current organization are not in line with your beliefs. For a group of people who are so secure in who they are and in what they believe it sure sounds like they rely on infringing their beliefs on others to make them feel better about themselves. This is America! do your own thing, go your own way, exercise your freedom! Many people paid good blood for it!

  11. I’ve served as a volunteer leader for over thirty years and I wholeheartedly support the change of policy. I have worked with gay Scouters and gay Scouts (with a number of Eagle Scouts among them) through the years. I can tell you, in one word, the difference between them and heterosexual Scouts and Scouters – nothing.

      • There are a lot of gay Eagle Scouts. But we have no idea how many, nor should we care. They satisfied the requirements for Eagle. They simply kept quiet about their sexuality while in scouting.

        • They are not true Eagle Scouts. They kept quiet going against being morally stright and trustworthy!

        • the policy is only 30 years old. what about those that earned the rank prior to that? what about boys that started scouts when they were 6 years old in the first grade, and earned their eagle prior to realizing that they were gay? i know of several boys in my district that recently earned their eagle at the age of 14. many men don’t realize that they are gay until much later in life. well into adulthood even. this is not black and white.

        • So they earned their Eagle by deception. That’s a great quality to promote. Hey Scouts, if you don’t like the rules feel free to lie and deceive your way around them. Its okay. Seriously?

        • no… the idea that an eagle earned by a gay scout was done so dishonestly is disingenuous. boys earn their eagle as early as age 14. it is very common for people to not realize that they are gay until they are much older. late teens, early twenties, even later.

          also… this official policy is only 30 years old. how many eagles were earned prior to that?

        • Do you really think that a 14-15 year old boy knows what he really is? He may not come to realize this until he’s an adult. So do you think he is lying and deceiving if he has not yet reached full adolescence?
          Sexuality has no place in scouting. I would not tolerate it in my troop between any combination of genders. We should not be asking a scout to decide now what his orientation is. But then you’ve already indicated that I am “intolerant and gay loving”. I’m glad you were never one of my son’s or grandson’s leaders.

    • Anyone who joined Scouting and lied about their sexual orientation that the BSA has previously made quite clear is not living up to the standards of the oath and law and practiced lying and deception, not qualities our Scouters should have. If they lied or deceived on any other issue people would be up in arms…

  12. Its a slippery slope you tread on when an organization based on moral foundation, begins to waiver in its beliefs, especially when it is to a minority that will not be satisfied until its ideals are imposed upon everyone. The Boy Scouts of America should not waiver. Sadly It sounds like the Boy Scouts of America are looking to absolve themselves of the responsibility of upholding those ideals. With that being said.

    Why change the Boy Scouts of America? Make your own Scouts, theres nothing stopping anyone from getting together and forming another organization especially if the beliefs of the current organization are not in line with your beliefs. This is America! do your own thing, go your own way, exercise your freedom! Many people paid good blood for it!

  13. Royal Rangers does not and will not accept homosexuals. Just call any Assemblies of God Church and tell them you want to be a commander. They will gladly accept you and your boys. Homosexuality is wrong and always will be wrong. Homosexuals can start their own Gas Scouts of America and make Obama their honorary president.

  14. Congratulations and Kudos to the Executive Board of the BSA. Giving the Chartered Organizations the option to determine certain membership standards in their units makes perfect sense. Let’s face it, there are gay scout leaders in every district in every council in the BSA, and they are great leaders, teaching and emulating great values, and they are Gay!. The ignorant rant that homosexuals are also pedophiles is nothing more than uneducated tripe.

    The BSA needs to remain relevant in TODAY’s society, not languish in the 50′s. This is the best way they can do that. By allowing chartered partners to hold onto their own exclusionary practices the church (LDS or others) don’t have to allow gays to serve as leaders, but it allows those that want to serve our youth, and be out, to do so in more tolerant units. It allows them to be trustworthy. There are units now that allow gay leaders, they just don’t point them out to the council leadership for expulsion as some would like.

    This is a huge step in the absolute right direction.

  15. I suspect that many of the folks who are lamenting this possible change of policy, are the same folks who are complaining about mandates from big government in Washington. They would tell you that people on the local level know what’s best for them and how dare our leaders in Washington tell them what to do. In this case, I happen to agree with them. I think in scouting, people on the local level know what’s best for their own children and should have the right to select their own membership.
    Do people really think they were going to do something to hurt our own children? If God loves children and fools, I’m in good company!

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  17. I suppose we’ll see who really cares about youth and who cares about rhetoric. I’m hoping that most chartered organizations will basically continue with business as usual regardless of the outcome, so scouts can go to camp, work on advancement, and develop their leadership skills.

    If National does change their policy, I encourage all chartered organizations to simply move on as before. Don’t make the gay policy an issue one way or another until it becomes an issue. Wait till you have a parent leader or a youth member whose orientation makes it an issue, and then decide if you want to throw the person out.

    • Once national changes the ACLU will be able to force all units to allow gay. Don’t think it won’t happen!

      • Sadly you are right. With National wiping its hands of it and not helping support and defend their chartered “partners” they will be forced to capitulate. I’ve already talked to one COR who is recommending that his units find a new chartered organization because though he and the officers of his organization disagree with the proposed change there is no way they can defend it or make an official stance against it due to political correctness stupidity. They are willing to donate money and resources to help and continue supporting the unit financially but will not charter any more umits.

  18. Doesn’t the BSA allow boys with other birth defects into scouting? If so, why not homosexuality? The real tragedy is that no one seems to be searching for a cure for this defect. It’s simple biology, sexual intercourse is for procreation, not simply for pleasure. As humans we’ve taken it to some extremely perverse levels, but sex between humans is for reproducing our species. Men cannot have a child together, and neither can two women, period. If so, we would be asexual creatures.

    Back to scouting, it’s almost dead anyway because they have watered down the programs to a point that they are no longer effective. All in the name of “safety”. (which really only means National absolving themselves of all liability)

    • TM, There is no cure for terminal stupidity either.
      G/L couples do not necessarily get or stay together because of sex any more than heterosexual couples do. If that were the case, most married couples would be separated.

    • Oh my goodness, the ignorance. Sex is not just for procreation. If it were, then I guess seniors should divorce, since they can’t produce children anymore? And people who can’t physically have children (or don’t want any) should also divorce?

      And if homosexuality is a choice…. well, why don’t you tell me the story of when you chose heterosexuality.

  19. Morally straight. I say it every week at the scout meeting with the scouts and the other leaders. Those two words have no other meanings. Morals are based on religious tenants, not humanistic tenants. Our charter organization pulled out of the national denominational church conference because of their stance towards homosexuality. Leaving this up to each individual chartered scout troop would open this up to multiple lawsuits because of the national organizations’ stance towards allowing those of “varying sexual orientation” entry to the Boy Scouts of America. I, along with my family, would never accept this policy change in scouting.

    • Error, nice having you and don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out. We don’t need to teach the youth in our charge bigotry and hatred. But what will you do if your son comes to you and tells you he’s gay? Kick him out of the house? Nice family values.

      • Oh yeah look at your own intolerance. Someone disagrees with you and you tell them to leave. Typical intolerant pro gay agenda tactics.

        I’ll bet you support the gay leaders and “Eagle Scouts” who got their positions and ranks by lying and deception. Are these the “nice family values” you have in your home, lie and deceive others if you don’t like the rules?

        • You seem to be a sad, sad person. It is unfortunate that we have people such as you in positions of authority. First, Error claimed he would not accept this policy and if he would not accept it, then he’d be leaving right? I thanked him for his service and offered him the door. I don’t belive that the BSA movement has any place for bigots or the ignorant. I am old enough to remember when my troop would not allow blacks to join. Would you reject a scout because he’d black? This is no different.
          And as far as family values, you seem to be short of them yourself. As you accuse me of encouraging lying and deceit. With Error, I simply asked him the question of what he’d do.
          If my son came to me and announced he was gay, I would accept it, maybe I’d not be happy, but I’d accept it.

        • If my son came out to me I would love him just the same. However I would not let him stay in Scouts because teaching my son to lie and deceive people is wrong. There would be plenty of other organizations that would welcome him.

    • Morals are not just about sexuality. They are about honestly, loyalty, integrity, etc. As well as things like not lying, not stealing, etc. And humanistic tenants usually contain those as well.

    • If this happens, I as a Scoutmaster will resign. I am glad my 2 son made Eagle Scout before the BSA falls apart.

  20. The policy of letting each chartered organization decide makes so much sense. Especially given that the BSA is open to all religions, and religions have differing views.

    My only thought on this is – why didn’t the BSA do this ten years ago?

  21. Wow, I can hardly believe the comments here. One would think we were in the 18th century full of religious elitists. No one cares who you hate. Boy Scouts has never been about how to date girls. It’s about teaching young men to be leaders in the free world. And personally, this is the best route for the BSA to take. Leave it up to the chartered organizations. If you want a group full of haters, fine, have your group. If you want a group full of boys who show all the merits of the scout law, have that group too, good. There was a time when African-Americans couldn’t be in the same troop as whites. But people realized it was wrong and fixed it. This isn’t the end of boy scouting, it’s a new chapter to something larger and better.

  22. What a monumental cave-in on the national level, coupled with a nightmare on the local level. Now one of the things prospective Scouts and families will have to consider, among all the others, when considering Troops is whether the chartering organization allows gays to join. Can’t wait to see how this will affect facilities and accommodations at Jamborees.

  23. I joined BSA because they don’t allow Gays and Lesbians join! Where can I go that the “Gay Agenda” isn’t shoved down my throat and I can teach my children my values and beliefs without being beaten up!


      • That was an ignorant and typical intolerant pro gay comment. If anyone doesn’t agree with your point of view you’ll label them and insult them which makes you just as intolerant and bigoted.

        On a related note, how do you know that the poster wasn’t from an African American family before suggesting that they join the KKK. You really owe them an apology, that was a disgusting thing to say and only shows how truly intolerant you are. You should be ashamed.

        • Yeah I figured you would shrug it off and not worry about it. The fact that you can’t apologize for suggesting that someone you don’t agree with join the KKK says a lot about your lack of character.

        • Well you missed the comment where I stated that I’m sorry if my comment was offensive. I also find it offensive that people would seek to exclude gay kids from scouts.

        • for the record:
          January 29, 2013 @ 8:53 am
          i’ve dished out filth because i am in favor of allowing LGBT individuals into scouting? my KKK comment was extreme, yes, but it is a hate group. i simply said if someone wants to be part of a hate group, that is a valid option. honestly, though, if that offended someone, i’m sorry for that.

  24. Actually, this simply follows the model we already use for religious standards imposed by units. Scouting is a program that is chartered to community or religious organization to provide to their youth, and, IF THEY WISH, the youth of their community.

    Thus, a units chartered organization already has the right to impose its own membership requirements on and leaders, as well as BSA’s. Some units already restrict membership to only youth belonging to the sponsoring church. When that occurs, it’s the district’s obligation to make sure there is another unit nearby for youth that don’t fit that unit’s criteria.

    Since some churches already accept that homosexual members meet the tenets of their faith, and some do not, it makes sense that they will now each get to establish membership requirements for their own particular units. It’s also not a big deal as sex education is NOT a mission of BSA and the YPP already protects kids from predators of all orientations.

    And, once again, your own personal religious views have no universal place in Scouting, just as your personal political ones do not either.

  25. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion & to make their own choices regarding membership. I am Christian yet the church denomination I belong do does not discriminate against the LGBT community. BSA is tolerant of other religions, but not of differences within the Christian community? From what I read no charter organization would be forced to accept member, so belong to a troop in a charter organization that aligns itself with your beliefs. Be true to your principles & allow me to be true to mine.

  26. I think we can handle this with maturity, and find a way to make it work for us all. Remember. We are looking at the concept of Charter Organization Choice, not forcing inclusion on all. So, if, for religious reasons, your charter Org. sees it as immoral behavior to include folks who are gay, then you will be able to do so. And if, your charter organization sees it as immoral to exclude, then you will have the freedom to be inclusive. It would be great, if as Americans, we could recognize that we have people from many different religions in scouting, not just those who see homosexuality as immoral. Fortunately, we live in a country where no one religious group is allowed to force its particular take on morality on the rest of the country. We know what happens when that is legally possible. Not good.
    I know that for some of you reading what I have written, your religious belief system teaches you to see what I have written as immoral. This makes me incredibly sad. I’m involved in scouting because I believe in helping develop great citizens who are effective and involved leaders in a pluralistic society. I want that for as many youth as is possible. Charter organization choice is the most elegant (albeit imperfect) solution to this issue. I’m 100% behind it. There will be difficulties to work out, but we’re scouts. We know how to solve difficult challenges, especially if we live the scout oath and law, keeping in mind that no single religion gets to tell us all what Duty to God, Morally Straight and Reverent means. Our country was founded, in part, by people who wanted to be able to practice their religion in a way that worked for them, and not have the religious believes of others imposed upon them. The solution of charter organization choice seems to be about as American as could be.

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