What are your unit’s annual dues?

So, let’s hear it: What does your pack, troop, team, crew, ship, or post charge for annual dues/fees? Don’t include “a la carte” items, such as uniforms or campout fees, if they aren’t part of that one-time dues payment.

Leave a comment if you need to explain what’s included in your unit’s dues. Thanks for sharing!

60 thoughts on “What are your unit’s annual dues?

  1. Ours include all rank advancements, all merit badges, book, t-shirt, national dues, Boy’s Life subscription. The little bit left over goes to troop equipment upkeep and replacement. Most of that is covered by fundraisers.

  2. Ours is 50.00 for scouts and 20.00 for adults payable by recharter time the year before. Anyone who doesn’t pay does not get rechartered and if they want to participate the next year has to do new paperwork (the thought of the application alone is enough to get people paid.

    After recharter, insurance and bl it covers all advancement and merit badges.

  3. In addition to BSA annual dues, $60 per Scout. No dues for the adults. Troop dues cover expenses for advancement (patches and Courts of Honor), charcoal, propane, equipment maintenance and replacement, trailer registration and maintenance, etc.

  4. Our base dues come out to no more than $75 if you join at the recharter point.
    We ask for $5 per month, so $60 +15 membership fee total, but we offer a $10 discount for prepaying in full at the recharter time.

    However, the BSA offers a prorate if joining after the recharter, and we offer a $25 6 month prepaid dues option for those folks joining after the recharter point so that new people can still take advantage of the discount program.

    Now all that being said, if the Venturer takes part in the popcorn sale, the Crew pays the $15 membership fee the following year, and 1/2 of any fund raising they do goes to a personal account which they can apply towards dues, camping, or Scout Shop needs. (So some Venturers don’t have to pay anything after the first year if they are ambitious enough.)

  5. Our troop’s dues are $75/year. That covers national dues ($15) but not Boys’ Life which would add an additional $12 to dues. The dues cover merit badges, t-shirt and camping equipment. We offer financial hardship scholarships; I am aware of only one scout who was assisted by a scholarship.

  6. Our Troop dues for youth are $40 a year. That includes national dues, Boys Life, all camping fees (other than summer camp and high adventure opportunities), and advancement (patches). Adults pay their national dues. Families and fundraising pays for uniform parts, book, t-shirts,

  7. My pack charges $60/year or $72/year including BOYS’ LIFE. that covers recharter, advancement, and some meeting supplies.

    More intense meetings, usually the Go See Its and other field trips, you may pay extra for i.e one Go See It where it was $3 for the kits they made.

    Camp outs, day trips, etc may cost extra.

    Also Blue and Gold is free to Cubs and leaders, nominal fee for parents and siblings.

  8. BTW, I think $650 is ridiculous. What does it cover? For that amount I would hope that A) it covers everything i.e. 11 weekend camp outs including food, week long summer camp or HA camp, advancement, all meeting supplies, custom uniform stuff (new T-shirt, hat, necker, etc EVERY year) etc

    B) You can pay in installments.

    C) You have fundraising opportunities.

    I know I could not afford that unit, even if it did cover everything.

  9. My unit charges the fee we are charged by national. We have 2 fundraisers and every family must participate. One of the fundraisers is popcorn. We give a portion of the money raised to each scout as a credit. They can use that money for anything for scouting( trips, summer camp, uniform etc). The rest of the money goes to the Troop to cover advancement, equipment etc. We try to keep the cost of scouting as cheap as possible for each family. We also have a needy scout fund so if a boy wants to go on a trip or summer camp and the family can’t afford it, they can speak to the scoutmaster and the Troop will cover the trip.

  10. $15 to scout in our Pack, $12 for Boy’s Life (optional). Popcorn covers awards. Council events, etc., are pay-as-you-go.

  11. We ask that each boy raise $130 in profit in our fundraiser. This covers Recharter, Insurance, PWD Car, T-Shirt, New Handbook and neckerchief, and a bunch of other stuff. Basically, the only other cost is food on camping trips, and special den trips (If a den goes bowling or something.)

    If they do not wish to fundraise, parents can buy out of the fundraiser, with a $130 check, but we strongly encourage them to do it via fundraiser.

  12. Our pack’s dues is on a sliding scale. If you don’t sell any popcorn, we ask for $150. If you sell $600 in popcorn, we don’t charge you anything in dues. We cover everything from advancements to books and Boy’s Life. Only things we don’t cover are camp and uniforms.

    I think that as Scouts we really sell ourselves short. We need to put on a top notch program to attract kids. To do that, we need to be able to pay expenses. Just look at how much it costs to play a sport for a few weeks. We should be providing a high quality program YEAR ROUND. Don’t be afraid to ask for help paying for that program.

    • I should add that we maintain a scholarship fund to assist families who put forth an effort to support the Pack but are unable to either sell enough popcorn or come up with the money to pay their dues.

  13. Unfortunately our charter organization pays all fees so the boys are not required to pay dues. This has a two fold effect. First, this makes the boys lazy with no incentive. Just look at the number of people on public assistance with no need to work to earn the finances or concideration from where it comes. Only when we have a stake in the project or activity to succeed does one really put forth a total effort. Second, we do lack some equipment that dues could help purchase. We also have the lack of funds for camp. I realize that fundraisers are available but unless your motivated all year long then even this participation is lacking. So to all those who will cry that some can not afford dues and will be left out of scouting, I say to you, BLAH< BLAH< BLAH. There is not a boy who wants to join scouting whose parents cannot pay a nickel or a dime. And it is no ones business if a scout pays less. After all diversity dictates that there is a difference among the ranks. Be praticle in what is charged but charge something for the sake of the scout.

  14. I don’t understand why folks are including Boy’s life to begin with given that money typically doesn’t go to the troop or pack to begin with.

    In the previous pack we were in dues were not paid up front one year, then another year 2/3 was expected up front with I think one dollar per non pack meeting from september through may.

    The one we are presently in charges $60 for dues, but you have the opportunity to defray that by selling popcorn.

  15. $195 per boy offset by share of fund raising participation. Normal expected items covered by that plus other “stuff”. The best thing a troop can do is to provide it’s members with a detailed accounting of where the money goes, otherwise the parents don’t have a clue as to why they pay as much as they do.

    • My God, what “stuff” are you buying? At $84 per year, my own troop is over the norm and we carry a balance between $2,000-4,000 every year. It covers all advancement and equipment, and we do not actively fundraise whatsoever (though we do hand out the popcorn material).

  16. $100 per year split into two $50 payments (due March and November). Covers recharter fees, patches, cards, boy’s life, and other items like printing costs, insurance, adult recharter fees (we do not ask volunteers to pay), etc.

    We have several fundraisers a year outside of popcorn and Scouts can earn enough money for Troop Dues, Campouts, Summer Camp and High Adventure if they put their mind to it.

  17. No dues, when parents first register the boys they cover registration through the next year & Boy’s Life. There are fundraising efforts through the year (popcorn, donuts, campcards.

  18. $200 per year, paid $50 quarterly, covers jut about everything in our troop: registration, camping fees, gear, program costs, scholarships, food for outings, etc. Parents like it as they are not nickle and dime’d each month and know the exact cost of scouting for the year. It also becomes an incentive to participate as the scout who comes to 4 monthly outings instead of all 12 pays the same amount.
    Extra costs are summer camp, a high adventure trip (where there are eligibility requirements such as first class+), and patrol activities that require additional funds.
    Fundraising is also available and highly encouraged as all funds raised go specifically to the scout. He gets all profit that he earns and can apply it directly to dues, camp, and so forth.

  19. Mike

    My first thought is “Who cares what you dues are?” The question should be, “Are you running the program, and if so, how are you paying for it?”

    I have seen some troops charge .50/week for dues. This makes the program cheap for the troop, but the boy or his family had to provide everything that it takes to go camping and it was expensive for the boy or his family, because they had to buy tents, lanterns and everything else that the boy may need to participate in the program. Any other funds the troop needed required a fundraiser.

    I also know of one troop that considered $900/year/scout. This fee covered everything except his uniform, backpack, sleeping bag and his personal items. The fee included a week at camp, food and gas for 12 monthly camp outs, handbooks, t-shirts, cakes for eagle scouts and roses for the eagle scout’s mother. This was a really nice idea but it would have pushed a lot of scouts out of the troop and it would not have taught the scout the need to pay his own way.

    My most recent troop charges $60/year. This covers registration, patches, Boys’ Life and insurance. They hold fund raisers for everything else. Some of the fund raisers give the boy a percentage of the funds he earns, and that goes into his personal scouting account in the troop. The important thing is that the troop is running the program as it should be. They provide all of the troop and patrol equipment so that it is not a hardship on a low-income family. It also teaches the boys that they have to work for what they get.

    Just my thoughts.

  20. Our dues are $70.00/year for boys. Troop pays for adult rechartering fees for adults. Boys have a fundraising account that they can tap into for due, for uniforms, or for camps, etc. our goal is to keep everything affordable and reasonable for scout to pay so thy appreciate it more. Can’t even imagine how a. Troop could charge over $600/year unless they pre-pay high adventure camps.

  21. My Troop is $44 for Scouts: 15 to National, 2 for insurance, 12 for BL, and 15 for awards. Adults are paid by Charter Org.
    My Pack is $60 because there are more awards and neckerchief/hat each year. Adults are 15.
    My Crew is $20, no BL because they don’t care about it and awards are few enough it doesn’t really matter. Adults are paid by Charter Org.
    My Ship is $15 for youth and adult, the parents pay for the kids awards as they earn them, and the Charter Org does the rest. Massive fund raisers for all the expensive activities and such.
    My Post is all paid by the Charter Org.

  22. Our boys pay $1 a week, of course this helps the boys learn about responsibility. On Camping trips, we usually don’t charge a fee, but the boys provide a food item as decided by the PLC. For the annual recharter, the Troop pays the recharter and Boy’s Life fees out of the fundraisers that were held. When we decide that the Troop needs to make a purchase, we do extra fundraisers to provide the need. To me there is no cause to charge a large ammount for dues, that’s not the point! Scouting in Central NC!

  23. Dew’s which is what you asked about 0 the money in each unit is a private thing and the large spacing you have in your query appears to be a hunt to locate cash. Government agencies do the same. It looks oh so innocent on the surface.

  24. Our pack fees are $50.00 yearly for youth, $16.50 yearly for adults…
    Youth fees cover council fees/insurance ($16.50), Boys’ Life ($12.00), with $21.50 left over to fund program.
    We supply each Scout with a Pinewood Derby kit, Raingutter Regatta kit, Pack Number patch, various awards, rank advancement, neckerchief/slide at graduation, and misc other items. We use fundraising (mainly popcorn) proceeds to help cover what yearly fees obviously can’t…and to cover fees for families who may have a challenge paying even that amount-(no youth will be denied the Scouting program, because of an inability to pay)
    Compared to other organized youth activities, Scouting is one of the best values that a family can invest in…!

  25. We ask for $75 for the dues and registration, We also ask them to sell $250 in popcorn. If they want to opt out of popcorn, we allow them to buy it out at $60. We get the kids activity shirts and it pays for all trips with the exception of camping.

  26. As a scout, I was charged $40.00/year ($20.00 payments every 6 months) for my first troop, $15.00 for my next troop, and $0 for my Crew in a different council (I went to college/chartered organization payed for it). That being said- the more boys that were in the troop, the higher the expenses, which means higher costs for dues. It’s great for new Troops/Crews that are just beginning because it gives the adolescents an incentive to join (come on- a free chance at Scouting?? who wouldn’t!?).

  27. I’d never heard of dues for adults (other than registration fees) until recently. For those that charge them, what does it cover?

    • More than you realize. Charter fees, use of tents and equipment? (wear and tear), Insurance, Adult recognitions, camping fees: some camps charge per person, Charging for adults would mean for Leaders and Committee members not parents.

      • I get charter fees (registration fees), but have never been in a troop that covers all campout fees and other activites. Scouters usually bring their own or share equipment amongst each other. Recognition I could see, but that hasn’t happened either unfortunately.

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