New York council patch serves as a nice tribute to Sept. 11

Post updated on June 5. See below.

OK, this is really nice.

The Greater New York Councils created the special-edition council shoulder patch seen above to commemorate the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The patch, called “A Tribute in Light,” depicts the real-life Sept. 11 memorial displayed in New York each year. The twin beams of light shine from dusk on Sept. 11 through dawn the next day and can be seen for 60 miles.

It’s the first in the councils’ “Big Apple Series,” which is an annual “council shoulder patch series capturing the essence and world famous landmarks of the greatest city in the world.”

I love New York, and so I’m excited to see which landmark the councils showcase next. But it’s only fitting that they start with this moving tribute both to those who were lost and to those who are still healing from that terrible tragedy.

If you want one of these patches, read on to learn how to buy your own.

How to order

First, know that there are two versions of the patch.

The one seen above sells for $7 (shipping included). Then there’s another with the words “Never Forget” in ghosted script at the bottom. That one is $15 (shipping included).

To order, download the PDF order form or visit this site.

Win one of mine

Update (June 5): The contest is closed. If you didn’t win, see above to order one.

Of the nearly 250 entries, there were seven randomly selected winners.

Thanks to everyone who shared their words. I read everything, and was truly moved.

And thanks to Dave Swartz for sending me a total of SEVEN patches.

Here are the winners. If your name is listed here, I’ll be sending you an email to get your mailing address. Check your spam if it doesn’t make it through!

Regular patch (5): Jen Reid, Marian Walters, Scott Williams, J. Michael McKinney, and Chris King

“Never Forget” ghost patch (2): Bill Ruth and Stephanie Schwarz

249 thoughts on “New York council patch serves as a nice tribute to Sept. 11

  1. What an awesome way to capture a little piece of history and keep the memory of 9/11 alive. This is a beutiful patch and even though I’m in VA, I say a huge thank you to whomever, thought of creating this patch. I would love to have one to add to my sons’ patch collection. I have 2 scouts – one who is 16 and working on his Eagle project and another who is 12 and obviously has a ways to with his scouting experience. I hope to be chosen but either way what a great gift you are giving!

  2. Buffalo Trace’s 2008 FOS patch was and still is my favorite. I watched in horror as tower 2 got hit and watched them fall.

  3. We collect council patches from all over, and this would be a great one to add to the collection!

  4. I still think that performing at Carnegie Hall is my favorite memory of NYC. These patches are just wonderful.

  5. If I don’t win I’ll certainly be buying one to add to my collection. Nice job by the Greater New York Councils.

  6. One of my close friends dad was in New York on 9/11. Would love to win this patch as a tribute to him!

    • My wife and I adopted our son from China. He is handicaped with only one full hand and a one digit on the other hand. He joined Webelos and became a Super Acheiver earning his Arrow of Light thsi year. He is now in Boy Scouts. When he visited Ground Zero we had to explain what had occured as he was too young at the time and in China. He was visibably upset and concerned. He was trying to understand why such a thing would or could occur. He went to the Ground Zero Museum and was just transfixed. Since that visit he read and watched about 9-11 and always worries about New York being attacked when we see something about New York on TV. I showed him this patch. I know he would treasure one and taht it would be used by him in his Troop to study and learn about this event in history.

  7. Please enter my name in the contest. I have 30 years in scouting this year. I lived in new York as a kid and that’s where most of all my youth scouting was Brooklyn Troop 76. I owe so much of my life and foundation to that council, troop 76 and John Farrell. To this day hold close to my heart TMR, Pouch, Alpine and representing GNYC in the 1989 National Jamboree.

  8. This is a wonderful patch. I am a member of the Mid-America Council The council experienced a tornado at one of our camps killing 4 scouts. I certainly can relate to the unneccessary loss life because of an uplanned tragedy. I am not a “patch collector’ but it will be an honor to own one of these patches.

  9. Beautiful patch and a wonderful tribute to the GREAT city of New York. God Bless NYC, the Greater NYC BSA Council and God Bless America….the Land that we Love so dearly

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