New York council patch serves as a nice tribute to Sept. 11

Post updated on June 5. See below.

OK, this is really nice.

The Greater New York Councils created the special-edition council shoulder patch seen above to commemorate the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The patch, called “A Tribute in Light,” depicts the real-life Sept. 11 memorial displayed in New York each year. The twin beams of light shine from dusk on Sept. 11 through dawn the next day and can be seen for 60 miles.

It’s the first in the councils’ “Big Apple Series,” which is an annual “council shoulder patch series capturing the essence and world famous landmarks of the greatest city in the world.”

I love New York, and so I’m excited to see which landmark the councils showcase next. But it’s only fitting that they start with this moving tribute both to those who were lost and to those who are still healing from that terrible tragedy.

If you want one of these patches, read on to learn how to buy your own.

How to order

First, know that there are two versions of the patch.

The one seen above sells for $7 (shipping included). Then there’s another with the words “Never Forget” in ghosted script at the bottom. That one is $15 (shipping included).

To order, download the PDF order form or visit this site.

Win one of mine

Update (June 5): The contest is closed. If you didn’t win, see above to order one.

Of the nearly 250 entries, there were seven randomly selected winners.

Thanks to everyone who shared their words. I read everything, and was truly moved.

And thanks to Dave Swartz for sending me a total of SEVEN patches.

Here are the winners. If your name is listed here, I’ll be sending you an email to get your mailing address. Check your spam if it doesn’t make it through!

Regular patch (5): Jen Reid, Marian Walters, Scott Williams, J. Michael McKinney, and Chris King

“Never Forget” ghost patch (2): Bill Ruth and Stephanie Schwarz

249 thoughts on “New York council patch serves as a nice tribute to Sept. 11

  1. I work for a Mack Dealer. I was sweeping the floor in the parts department while I was listening to what was happening on one of the display radios. Ever since I have had a Mack Truck Promotional Photo with a new Mack and the Twin Towers in the back ground on the wall oppisite my desk. The truck is now out of date and normally I would change it poster. However, everyday I sit down at my desk and look at that poster is a daily reminder of what happened that day. I would love to have one of those patches the attach to my framed poster. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Am I the only one who likes the patch but feels that it’s fundraising on the backs of the victims? Somehow It feels wrong. As much as I would like to add it to my collection I’m going to have to pass. Still to raw to be just a landmark for me. Maybe if a share was going to a 9/11 fund.

    Side note: My department watched it on my 2 inch TV I won from selling popcorn. We raided every peeper on the floor to keep it powered while we waited for a call that thank God came later that day.

  3. I’m a former scout from Queens … Currently a scouter in upstate NY. Lost many friends in the tragedy of 9-11. Would love to add this patch to my collection. NEVER FORGET. NYPD – FDNY – PAPD – EMS

  4. A great tribute, for a horrible tragedy. Hopefully this is a way for Scouters to remember and for scouts to learn and “Never Forget”

  5. What a great remembrance of that event. It would be great to have a piece of history and the remembrance through a patch. I would love to win either one of them.

  6. I am the Roundtable Commissioner for the Aquehonga District (GNYC) as well as a Scoutmaster and currently an NYPD Detective. This patch is on of the best designed and most meaningful CSP that I have ever seen. The day that I saw them at our program kickoff I bought a few. I have one on both my District shirt and my regular Troop shirt, and 1 or 2 for my collection.
    (BTW if any uniform police ar looking, there is a Fleur di Lis, it is ghosted next to the Statue of Liberty.)

    Even if you don’t win, download the order form and but one (or many more) as they are a Council fundraiser.

  7. I work in NYC and was here that day and still choke up when it is brought up. Everything that day was very surreal. This is a great way for the Council to keep it in our memories.

  8. This is a fabulous patch. It always brings a tear to my eyes when I think of all the people who died on that day and all the first responders that are having health problems. This is a fitting tribute to them. Pick me

  9. I have served as a 911 Dispatcher, EMT-Paramedic, and as a Volunteer Firefighter in the communities that I have lived in. I remember 9/11/2001 vividly. I would consider it an honor if I was chosen.

  10. I was in Ithaca NY on 9/11 watching it all unfold. I was on a work trip with my team from Seattle.

  11. 1984 Eagle from the Jersey side of the Hudson. The Twin Towers were a big part of my life – visited many times. We will Never Forget. 92-64 Buffalo.

  12. My husband is a Blackhawk pilot in the US Army and is stationed at Ft. Drum, NY. He was also stationed here during the attacks. He was flying, doing training, in the same air space as the planes that hit the towers that morning. He was trying to enter Syracuse runway for training and was told to return to Ft. Drum before he knew what was going on. He is one of the last blips seen on the radar from that day in that space. He landed safely but it was very frightening to know he was up there when it was all just beginning to unfold and I had not heard from him. He is a Scouter too. I will have to order some of these patches for him and for my boys!

  13. I went to ground zero on that terrible day and the week to help as a Volunteer Fireman. Please pick me, it would be an honor to have the patch.

  14. Such a tragic day, Such a nice tribute. I remember that I was painting my toddler’s bedroom when the planes struck and I was frightened more than I ever had been in my life.
    That toddler is now my scout and he restores my faith. i am blessed to have him and the other young men proving to me that goodness exists in this world.

  15. I would l love to win these patches for my husband, especially the Never Forget one. He is an active duty Army Apache Pilot and a Scoutmaster. He would love it!!!

  16. I live in Louisiana, I’ve never been to NYC, and I’ve been a Red Sox fan for nearly 30 years…..but I would love to add this patch to my collection. As a Cubmaster, it has been a challenge the last couple years explaining what September 11th is about because only the oldest Webelos were even born in 2001. I will not forget and I will not stop reminding our young scouts why the day is remembered.

  17. I used to travel to NY on business often. I have visited the Empire State building and would look out at the WTC and remember thinking i would like to visit the WTC. Being so much farther away it never happened. Our hearts broke that day. We all remember where we were. I’m long past my fond years of scouting (am Facebook friends with my scout leader and I’m 50!). This patch will look great on my motorcycle jacket. I want to win this one to pay it forward. Give it to someone else.

  18. These patches are awesome. I have never been to New York, except to drive through on the way to Boston. I think a vacation may be in order…

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