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Giveaway Thursday: Win a free Big Agnes sleeping bag and insulated pad

The Big Agnes Skinny FishThe quest to clear out my office has only just begun.

Last week, I told you that my cubicle has become the storage area for the outdoors stuff we feature in our “Great Gear” section. Manufacturers send us top-of-the-line gear, gear expert Stephen Regenold reviews the items, and then we take them in the studio to photograph for the magazine.

That’s when the question arises: What do we do with all this sweet gear now?

The answer was simple: After getting the manufacturers’ OK, we decided to give it away to you, our readers.

Scouting magazine’s weekly gear giveaway continues with the Big Agnes Skinny Fish sleeping bag that we reviewed in our September-October 2009 issue.

The sleeping bag, which is rated to 20 degrees, retails for $179. Here’s what Regenold wrote about the Skinny Fish:

Bags from Big Agnes have gained fame for a system that mates sleeping bag and pad via an underside bag-length sleeve. Inflate your pad and insert it into the sleeve. The result: a bed-like platform that you cannot roll off. The Skinny Fish, a three-season bag, is good down to 20 degrees. It’s also a feat of sustainable design, incorporating 100 percent recycled-content insulation with a 100 percent recycled rip-stop nylon shell. Comfortable and eco-conscious.

We’re also throwing in the Big Agnes Diversion Insulated Air Core Recycled sleeping pad, worth $95. The pad’s dimensions are 20 by 72 by 2.5.

Total value of this giveaway: $274. Submit your entry below.

Sorry, the entry deadline has passed. The winner of the Big Agnes gear was Bowman Ching of the Santa Clara County Council.

Last week’s winner:

The winner of last Thursday’s giveaway is: Keith Welch of the Trapper Trails Council. I’ll be sending him the Mountain Hardwear Lamina sleeping bag. Congrats!

13 Comments on Giveaway Thursday: Win a free Big Agnes sleeping bag and insulated pad

  1. I bought a Big Agnes pad and spent the first weekend of Wood Badge on it, slept great! Now if I can just win this to have the matched set!

  2. I have 2 Big Agnes bags – one 45 degree and one 15 degree. The 45 is a shell for the 15 if needed. I LOVE their pad/bag system.

  3. Didn’t win the last one. Maybe this one will be mine!

  4. I need this, mine has served it’s lifespan and needs to be retired. This was learned after using it last weekend. I VOWED not to camp again without a new bag ( and I have a trip to the mountains in April)!!

  5. Love Big Agnes products – high quality gear and great prices that don’t burst the wallet too much!

  6. Like last week, should I be the lucky winner, I’ll pass it on to a scout in need in my district.

  7. This would be great for the cooooooolll spring and fall camping in NY

  8. If I win, I will pass it on to an Eagle Award candidate from the Ocotillo District, Grand Canyon Council

  9. Great idea… I hate rolling off my pad!

  10. Wow, after last weeks Klondike Derby, I sure could use the Big “A” sleeping system very cold and yes I chased my bed roll most of the night! LOL

  11. Jeremy Weeks // February 21, 2011 at 2:05 pm // Reply

    Our troop is on a very tight budget. It would be great to be selected and build up our troop gear.

  12. What a great looking bag!! My husband and I are planning a hiking trip to Mt. Rainier this Spring – this bag w/ pad would be SO perfect! Hope I win! 🙂

  13. My son just had a zipper blow out on his sleeping bag this weekend and could use a new bag!

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