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Meet the “Double Eagles” of Abilene, Texas


Winning a state football championship, especially in Texas,
makes you a local legend. Earning the Eagle Scout Award puts you among
Scouting’s elite.

Doing either is impressive. Doing both is unbelievable.

But that’s exactly the feat accomplished by nine Scouts from
Abilene, Texas. The boys were part of the 2009 Class 5A Division II state
champion football team. Abilene High’s mascot, coincidentally, is the Eagles. That
makes it appropriate to call the nine Eagle Scouts on the football team “Double

These boys managed to find the perfect balance between
athletics and Boy Scouts—something that isn’t easy in today’s world. Their
coach, Steve Warren, admires the boys’ efforts.

“The thing that’s amazing to me is that’s the highest level
you can achieve in Scouting,” he told the Abilene
in its May feature story. “I was a Scout when I was young, and that’s an
extremely difficult thing to do. It takes a tremendous amount of commitment and
time, much like what it takes to win a state championship.”

When Warren first learned that there were nine Eagle Scouts
on his Eagles team, he was surprised. “You’re like, ‘no way. There’s not nine
in Taylor County.’ For nine to be on one football team is impressive. They
brought that sort of commitment to the table every day that it took to achieve
that level in Scouts,” he told the Reporter-News.

The boys’ council, the Abilene-based Texas Trails Council,
has about 100 boys earn the Eagle Scout badge each year. Doug Paxton, district
executive, wasn’t surprised to see that a bunch of those boys were successful
in multiple endeavors.

“I think it’s certainly a two-way street. They gained from
both disciplines,” he told the Reporter-News.
“They’re just an exceptional group of kids. Not everybody is talented enough to
do all those different things.”

As many of the boys prepare for college this fall, they can
look back on their high school years fondly, their coach says.

“It’s just like we told them when we gave them their [state
championship] rings—that’s something that no one’s ever going to be able to
take away from them,” Warren told the paper. “They’re an Eagle Scout. They’re state
champions. It’s an amazing thing that they were able to do that."

Read on past the jump to meet these impressive young men.

Here are the nine “Double Eagles,” listed in order they are
pictured, from left to right:

Matt McLeod

Eagle Scout: 2009

Eagle Scout project: Planted
trees and built a walkway at the Swenson House

Football position:
Offensive line

What’s next: Will
study business at Texas Christian University

Quotable: “There
was a point in my Scouting career where it would have been convenient for me to
quit and not finish it up. But sticking through it was definitely worth it in
the end, and I’m glad I did that.”


Logan Chandler

Eagle Scout: 2010

Eagle Scout project: Organized
a lake cleanup and restoration day

Football position:
Wide receiver

What’s next: Will
study religious education and science at Baylor University

Quotable: “I
think the importance of being courteous to other people is that it is, usually,
the best way to earn respect.”


Travis Kern

Eagle Scout: 2010

Eagle Scout project: Constructed
a chicken coop for a nearby historic village

Football position:
Tight end

What’s next: Will
study science education at Abilene Christian University

Quotable: “When
we were playing football, I was also trying to finish up my Eagle Scout
[requirements]. I just had to focus on football when it was time for football,
then focus on Scouts when I had to work on that.”


Hudson Beard

Eagle Scout: 2008

Eagle Scout project: Renovated
a reflecting pool at the Swenson House

Football position:
Offensive line

What’s next: Will
attend Princeton University

Quotable: “You
can show up in a uniform and pretend to be living up to [the Scout Law], but
unless you are that person, it
doesn’t do any good.”


Drew Carroll

Eagle Scout: 2007

Eagle Scout project: Repainted
and renovated an art room at a local church

Football position:
Offensive line

What’s next: Will
study biology at Rice University

Quotable: “With
all of the hard work that goes into both [Scouting and football], you learn how
to be disciplined and stay committed to something, something you want to get


Bryce Bevill

Eagle Scout: 2007

Eagle Scout project: Rebuilt
a building at a church camp

Football position:
Inside linebacker

What’s next: Will
study engineering at Baylor University

Quotable: “My
basis for wanting to work as a lifeguard came from [Lifeguarding merit badge].
That one I’ll probably remember forever.”


Nelson Goldsmith

Eagle Scout: 2010

Eagle Scout project:
Extended a concrete fence at a park

Football position:
Offensive line

What’s next: Will
be a senior at Abilene High

Quotable: “Whether
in Scouts or football or my everyday life, I just try to be a friend to


Oliver Brooks

Eagle Scout: 2010

Eagle Scout project:
Repainted an elementary school parking lot

Football position:
Wide receiver

What’s next: Will
attend Texas A&M University

Quotable: “You
have to be able to trust who you’re working with to where you know it’s going
to get done.”


Karsten Goodman

Eagle Scout: 2010

Eagle Scout project: Installed
walking paths and did renovation work at Swensen House

Football position:
safety and punter

What’s next: Karsten,
ranked fifth in his graduating class, hasn’t decided where he’ll study political
science and business.

Quotable: “You’ve
got to have trust between brothers. I definitely saw it with the football team
and our theme ‘Brother’s Keeper.’ As far as Scouting goes, that’s in the Scout
Law—be trustworthy and loyal. Right there, that’s definitely something you
expect from the guys around you.”


All quotes appeared in
Abilene Reporter-News.

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