The return of “Name That Council”


This week, we're bringing back our popular Name That Council challenge. We remove all words from a council shoulder patch, and you tell us the council's name. Easy, right?

The concept is the same, but we've changed the way you submit guesses. In the past, you e-mailed them to us. Now you can simply type your answer in the comment box below.

We'll keep all comments on this post "unapproved" until Monday, meaning they won't show up until then. In other words, don't resubmit the comment just because you don't see it right away.

There's no prize, but the first person to correctly guess the council becomes this week's champion. Good luck!

15 thoughts on “The return of “Name That Council”

  1. Five Rivers – I didn’t know if there was one, but figured they were so careful to clearly depict five rivers that I looked it up and found Five Rivers Council in southern NY state and northern Pennsylvania.

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