Adventure Base 100, Vol. 11: Jacksonville, Florida

The U.S. mint released the BSA Centennial Coin this week, which makes the timing perfect for Adventure Base 100 to stop in Jacksonville, Fla., to chat with Jeff Swindling, a Scouter who helped make the coin possible.

Adventure Base 100 will tour the country all year spreading Scouting's message to former, current, and future Scouts. You won't want to miss it when it comes near you.

Miami, Fla., March 25-29.

: Greenville, S.C., April 3-4.

Adventure Base 100 videos:

Vol. 10: Tampa, Fla.

9: Houston, Tex.

8: Tupelo, Miss.

7: New Orleans, La.

Vol. 6: San Antonio, Tex.

Vol. 5: Austin, Tex.

Vol. 4: Sacramento, Calif.

Vol. 3: Las Vegas, Nev.

Vol. 2: San Diego, Calif.

Vol. 1: Pasadena, Calif.

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