Knot of the Week: Venturing Silver Award


The Venturing program gives young women and men new
opportunities they can’t find in other programs. And with those new
opportunities comes a new set of awards they can earn.

The highest of these is the Venturing Silver Award, this
week’s Knot of the Week.

Is your crew ready to get started? To get the Silver,
Venturers must first earn the Bronze and Gold awards.

That’s right. Unlike at the Olympics, it’s silver—not
gold—that holds the top place on the podium of Venturing awards.

After earning the Bronze and Gold, these requirements

  • Complete a standard first-aid course.
  • Get CPR certified.
  • Finish the BSA Safe Swim Defense training course, and lead
    or participate in a group swim using these principles.
  • Take the Venturing Leadership Skills Course.
  • Serve at least six months in an elected position in the
    crew, district, or council.
  • Participate in at least two ethical controversies and
  • Organize or help organize an Ethics Forum.

After that, your Venturers need certification from the crew
advisor, committee chairperson, and council.

Then they’re done. Recipients are considered elite Venturers
and can wear the silver-bordered square knot you see above. They’ll also get a
matching medal for more-formal occasions.

Check out the application here (link opens PDF), or get more details here.

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