Centennial uniform helps ward off skin cancer


If you’re seeking extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV
rays—and really, who isn’t—listen up.

What you wear is as important as the sunscreen you put on.
And by wearing any of the items in the new Centennial uniform you’ll help block
out damaging rays.

Want proof? The Skin Cancer Foundation recently gave its
distinctive Seal of Recommendation to all 18 items in the BSA’s Centennial
uniform collection. This stamp of approval means the foundation determined that
the items have a high ultraviolet protection factor (UPF), which is similar to
SPF but for clothes instead of sunscreen.

Since most of the excitement in Scouting happens outside,
it’s important to use sunscreen and wear
UV-resistant clothing, like the BSA uniform. You can get sunburned through
clothes that don’t offer UV protection, so be careful.

And if you’re seeking even more sun-smart apparel, the
Supply Division is developing additional official BSA products that will
feature that Seal of Recommendation. So the next time you’re shopping for
clothes for yourself or your Scout, make sure to check for the seal (pictured above left) and know you’re protected from cancer-causing rays.

For more details on skin cancer, the Skin Cancer Foundation,
or the foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, click here.

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